A Christmas Special

This post is a rerun, but a good rerun.  Maybe I'll run it every year, like they do with Rudolph.
Saturday, December 5, 2015

Let's take a break from all the political stuff

Time for a Christmas Story

It’s strange how memories work.  I’m closing in on being 20,000 days old, and most of what happened on any of those days is long since forgotten, yet still there’s some things I’ll always remember.

Drudge Report headline they could use every day until they ran out of words

Lonely men more likely to have sex with ______.

Sounds like a line where Gene Rayburn would ask the panelists to fill the blank in on the old Match Game show.

In this case it's robots, but it just as easily could have been:

  • fat chicks
  • ugly chicks
  • fucked up chicks
  • chicks that are really dudes
  • family members
  • whores
  • dogs
  • pigs
  • goats
  • sheep
  • etc

Pearl Harbor Day

Always take time to remember Pearl Harbor and the Americans who were there.  Those who were willing to give everything, so we can be free.  You don't have to wait until December 7th to do so, and you should remember them more often than once a year.