I'm Liking Him More Everyday

Don't you just wish that you could do that?

I was never a big fan of Donald Trump, but I'm liking him more and more, every day.  He is more the opposite of Obama than anyone else in the race, and that's exactly what we need right now.  If he promises to roll back every one of Obama's executive orders during the first hour of his presidency, he's got my full support.


I remember, back when I was a kid, my grandparents didn't like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, but, they did know who they were. 

 I never heard of this bitch until just now, and I bet that a lot of you never have either.  Fame isn't what it used to be.  Most celebrities today are known only by fans of them or their particular genre.

Take comfort in that the next time some obscure celebrity simultaneously offends you and makes an ass out of themselves.

source: Breitbrt

Ariana Grande, I think, maybe.

 Pop princess Ariana Grande has pulled out of this weekend’s free All-Star Game concert. Major League Baseball has “one less problem” without her.

Video caught Grande making disparaging comments about the United States on the Fourth of July while waiting to buy donuts. She also appears to lick a donut, to the disgust or delight of its eventual owner, sitting on the shop’s counter.
“I hate Americans,” Grande loudly tells her boyfriend. “I hate America.”
The remarks followed a store employee showing Grande a tray of large pastries.
Some call them “Danishes.” Others see “Viennese bread.” Ariana Grande thought, “American.”
Grande, who hails from Boca Raton and lives in Los Angeles, gained fame as a child star on Nickelodeon before transitioning into music. The 22-year-old boasts two number-one albums and earned a number-three hit along with Jesse J and Nicki Minaj on last year’s “Bang Bang,” which plays, like many of her songs, as a declaration of independence from her days as a child star: “Bang, bang into the room/Bang, bang all over you…Bang, bang there goes your heart/Back, back seat of my car.”
The 2015 All-Star Game plays in Cincinnati, where, presumably, “I hate America” doesn’t play well. The saying goes “as American as mom, baseball, and apple pie,” not “as anti-American as mom, baseball, and apple pie.”

Good Advice From the Feral Irishman Plus a Little of My Own

Below is a great post I found at The Feral Irishman. Excellent suggestions on how to fight back against government and liberalism.  I added a few more of my own at the bottom.

Friday, July 3, 2015

"Personal Sessesion" Thoughts on "Independance" Day Weekend....

The following is a random thoughts that I have hadduring the week at work.I'm sure there are plenty of websites and books about these points. I know I have read a few. Like "Going Galt" the best way you can. Or the book I read  was "Starving the Monkeys". Kinda long winded but good concept.  If you know of any others please leave it in the comments so others may benefit. The moonbats seem to be very good at boycotting and having their agenda pushed uponthe rest of the country.
Maybe it's time to start using their tactics to beat them. IT would also help to starve them of money.  
Stop feeding the system financially. (any way you can).
   Minimize your tax burden (anyway you can).
Don't, if at all possible, shop or spend money with left leaning businesses.
(search the web for liberal businesses, yes I know google is one, that's why I said
Do business with like minded people.
This old website from a few years ago was used by the left to shop at like-minded
places. Use it to NOT shop with those businesses  LINK
Don't go to the movies that have moonbat actors or directors. ( few choices I know)
Don't watch TV. ( it all sucks imho)

Don't go to sporting events if you know they are moonbat friendly or they support the agenda.
(Imagine if no one showed up at the events)
Don't speed or break the law. Don't give the law any reason to fine you.
Try to minimize the things that require permits or paying the state in any way.
If you are on a jury and the defendant is "one of us" and the crime ISN'T heinous
try jury nullification for a positive outcome.
Buy a hybrid, I did, I get 50 plus mpg vs. 16 in my pick-up.
My Ford Fusion is a great car.
Saving me over 500.00 a month in fuel costs.
Total fuel tax is HERE by state.  
How much gas tax am I saving at .42/.44 cents per gallon?  
I'm on the border of Mass and NH ( New Hampsshire has become northern MA due to the moonbats from MA that ruined it) Meal tax in NH is 9% in MA it's 6.25%. Although MA has
an option where the town can add an additional sales tax as well. ( check the local towns for the cheapest dining options if this applies)
Most states have no tax on groceries. Buy your food and prepare your own meals knowing you
aren't paying taxes.
Make your hobby into a business to get business discounts and write offs.
Even if you can do 10 percent of the above, that's 10 percent less that is put into the system.

Any ideas, thoughts, books or websites, feel free to add them in the comments..
  1. Pay off your home and never buy anything new and expensive again. I’m not saying you can’t have fun/nice things, just don’t burden yourself with monthly payments and pay unnecessary sales tax.  If you are considering buying anything that costs over $100, make sure you check out Craigslist first.  It’s filled with stuff other people found out they didn’t need or couldn’t afford and usually, you aren’t going to have to pay any sales tax.
  2. Do your home and car repairs yourself.  You’ll save money in five ways: 1) No sales tax on labor.  2) You will almost certainly pay less for parts/materials.  3) You will spend nothing on labor.  4) You won’t be talked into spending money on additional things that are not necessary.  5) And most importantly, Instead of wasting your time and money doing something like paying to see rich people play, act, or sing, you will be adding to your base of knowledge and repertoire of skills.  In other words, you will become a better, more useful human being.  They still haven’t found a way to tax that.
  3. Make new friends.  Instead of looking down on working people who make less than $100K per year, start hanging out with tradesmen and the like.  They can often help you out of a $1000 jam for a case of beer, and with the skills and knowledge you acquired by following the advice in item #2, you can pay them back in kind.  Once again, the government gets nothing.
  4. If you feel you must watch rich people play, act, or sing, don’t spend much money doing it. Watch sporting events on TV, watch movies on Netflix, and download free music.
  5. Homes are for shelter, not impressing friends and neighbors.  If you have a 3000 sq. ft. home instead of a 1500 sq. ft. one, you are probably giving your local government about $3000 more per year in property taxes, not to mention about twice sales tax you give to the state government on what you spend on upkeep and maintenance.
  6. Work at your job less, work for yourself more.  Let’s say you make $30 per hour, it takes an hour to mow your lawn, and you can hire someone to mow it for $30 per cutting.  Might as well pay someone else to do it, right?  Wrong.  You can’t pay for that lawn mowing with an hour’s work.  With all the taxes involved, it’s going to take more like an hour and a half to pay for that mowing.  Remember, whenever you pay someone a dollar to do something for you, it will cost you at least $1.50 worth of your own labor because of taxes. Plus when you do it yourself, you are at home, on your property, with your family.  You just might notice something while your mowing in any one of these areas that requires a little bit of your attention that you would miss if you were at work.  Don’t worry about the cost of the mower.  If you buy used and buy right, it’s just about nothing. If you have any brains and skill, you should be able to make a good used $1500 garden tractor last 30 years or more.
  7. Change your investment strategy.  Not all traditional investments pan out, and even when they do, the government’s always there to steal their cut. How about buying something that’s almost guaranteed to never lose its value, and provide you with hundreds of dollars of tax free savings/income per year instead.  Rather than throwing down $600 on some tech stock, consider buying a good used air compressor, or some other high end tool or machine.  It will often pay for itself on that first big job, and continue to pay for itself as long as you live.
  8. Remember, every dollar you get from your paycheck represents at least $1.50 of your labor.  The government gets the rest.  If you’re smart, you can keep the government’s hands off of most of the money you save.

A Few Years From Now

U.S. banks prepare plan to raid deposits to avert collapse

U.S. banks are preparing contingency plans for a possible “bail-in” of depositors amid fears the country is heading for financial collapse, bankers and businesspeople with knowledge of the measures said on Friday.
The plans, which call for a “haircut” of at least 30 per cent on deposits above $8,000, sketch out an increasingly likely scenario for at least one bank, the sources said.

A U.S. bail-in could resemble the failed rescue plans tried over much of the world, when customers’ funds were seized to shore up the banks, with a haircut imposed on uninsured deposits.
It would be implemented as part of a recapitalisation of U.S. banks that would be forced upon the country's depositors and bond holders.
“It [the haircut] would take place in the context of an overall restructuring of the bank sector once the U.S. is back in a bailout programm,” said one person following the issue. “This is not something that is going to happen immediately.”
American officials said no decision had been taken to wind up any U.S. banks or initiate a bail-in of depositors, a process that would be started by the Federal Reserve declaring the banks insolvent or pulling emergency loans.
America's banks have been closed since Monday, when capital controls were imposed to prevent a bank run following the leftwing Clinton-led government’s call for a referendum on a bailout plan it had earlier rejected. The Supreme Court highest court rejected an appeal by two citizens on Friday who had asked for the referendum to be declared unconstitutional.
Depositors can withdraw only $60 a day from bank ATM cash machines, while requests to transfer funds abroad have to be approved by a special finance ministry committee in co-operation with the Federal Reserve.
Two senior Federal Reserve Agents said the country had only enough cash to keep ATMs supplied until the middle of next week. This followed the Fed’s decision this week not to increase the U.S. allocation of emergency liquidity assistance after the bailout programm ended on June 30.
The outcome of Sunday’s referendum will determine how quickly America wraps up a new bailout agreement with creditors, a top U.S. banker said.

“The solvency of American banks is not currently an issue, but obviously the banks will be affected by how soon the country enters a new programm,” the same banker said.
American deposits are guaranteed up to $100,000, in line with FDIC banking directives, but the country’s deposit insurance fund amounts to only $30bn, which would not be enough to cover demand in case of a bank collapse.
With few deposits over $100,000 left in the banks after six months of capital flight, “it makes sense for the banks to consider imposing a haircut on small depositors as part of a recapitalisation. . . It could even be flagged as a one-off tax,” said one analyst.
Hillary Clinton, on Saturday accused Republicans of trying to “terrorise” U.S. into accepting austerity.
“What they’re doing with America has a name: terrorism,” she said during a press conference. “Why have they forced us to close the banks? To frighten people.”

Oh yeah, happy Fourth of July.

Top Five Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Fixing Cars

I'm not saying I'm never guilty of any of these sins.  Quite the opposite.  In fact, I learned all of this from personal experience.

1) Buying OEM parts

Sometimes, you are dealing with a part that seems so strange and obscure, that you just assume that no aftermarket manufacturer would bother to make them, so you just go to the dealer and pay.  Big mistake, especially in the age of the internet.  Perhaps my biggest failure in this area was these Honda front stopper mounts.  (motor mounts, kind of)  I purchased these from Honda for $80 apiece, and later, came across them on the internet for, are you ready for it, $14 apiece.  I don't know whether I was more surprised that some other manufacturer actually made them, or that they were so much cheaper then OEM.  Take the few minutes to check for possible aftermarket alternatives before going and bending over at the dealer.

2) Buying junkyard parts without checking the price of new.

I know it's hard to believe, but often, you can buy brand new parts more cheaply than salvage ones.  These Toyota truck turn signals are a good example.  The thirty year old salvage ones are going to be faded, cracked, and brittle.  

 I once had Auto Glass Specialists come to my home, replace an broken side window on a Ford Tempo with new glass, and clean up all the broken glass inside the car, for less money than the junkyard wanted for a used piece of glass that I would have had to install myself. 

3) Not doing research/not having reference materials

If you own the car, buy the book.  It's that simple.  If you work on your own car, and you violate this rule, you will pay for it - much more that the $15 that the book costs.  These books aren't perfect, but they beat the shit out of winging it with nothing.

You Tube videos are also a great source of info, and actually show you how to do the job.  Sometimes the books can be confusing.  Watch a video, and you will be saying, "Oh, that's what the book means."  

Videos are great, but not a replacement for the books.  When you're down and dirty, in the middle of a job, it's a lot easier to refer to the book than trying to type on a keyboard with greasy fingers.

Every minute you spend, doing research on how to do a job correctly, will save you five to ten minutes (if not more), actually doing the job.

4) Not having the correct tools.

Don't be such a cheap fucker.  Buy the tools you need.  You're doing the job yourself to save money.  What are you going to use that money for?  Buy the tool.  It will save you time, and prevent damage to parts that cost more than the tool, and in the future, you will have that tool.  This is where the real payoff is.  You will never have to go through the "Should I spend the money on the tool dilemma?" again, and you can tell you're friends that they suck because they don't have shit for tools.

5) Buying new instead of junkyard parts

Wait a second, I thought you said it was a mistake to buy junkyard parts instead of new.

It is, except for when it's not.  Sometimes, salvage parts are dramatically cheaper than new, plus you can often get an entire assembly for less than the price of the one needed part.  This can save you the time of tearing down and repairing an assembly.

   Taking out parts at "pick a part" yards can also give you insight on what to do, and what not to do, when disassembling your own car.  Better to break something on the junkyard's car than yours.

Typical Liberal

He had no problems with defying the traditional values of our culture until he noticed that it might have some direct negative consequences for him and his family. 

source: My Way
LONDON (AP) — Paul McCartney says he has given up marijuana after many years of indulgence and now prefers wine or "a nice margarita."
The former Beatle told the Daily Mirror he doesn't want to set a bad example for his children and grandchildren by using marijuana. He said Saturday his decision is "a parent thing."
He says "the last time I smoked was a long time ago."
McCartney had been a long-time marijuana user who spent 10 nights in jail after he was arrested trying to enter Japan with a large quantity of the drug in 1980.
The 72-year-old British rock/pop star is fit and has long advocated a vegetarian lifestyle. He continues to perform for adoring crowds worldwide. 

Apparently, he was never concerned about the examples he was setting for millions of his fans. It didn't matter to him, because he was getting  their money.  What a capitalist pig!

Typical liberal thought process - "I would should be able to do whatever I want and no one should be able to criticize me, but we should ban any behavior that I don't agree with."

Poor Paul.  What's he going to do if he ever finds out that vegetarianism and animal rights aren't such good ideas either?

Are You Smarter than Bill Gates?

Author’s note:  I’m a busy man, no time to proofread.  If any errors bother you, point them out in the comments section and I’ll fix ‘em later, maybe, probably not.

Bill Gates knows more about computers, software, and information than I do.  So does Mark Zuckerberg, and so did Steve Jobs.  Chances are that all of these people know (knew) about these subjects than you do too.  Does that mean that they are (were) smarter than you or I?  No, it means that they know (knew) more about computers, software and information technology then we do - nothing more. All of us probably know quite a bit more than any of the people mentioned above in a wide range of subjects, but I’d bet that none or very few of us, would say that automatically makes us more intelligent than them, or anyone else.

The good thing about Steve Jobs being dead is I no longer have to see articles on what he thinks about subjects that he has no expertise in.  Unfortunately, I still have dodge reading the opinions of Gates and Zuckerberg.  Sometimes I can’t help myself.  I guess I need to keep proving to myself that these guys are not smarter than me.  Read the following, and see what I mean -

source: Business Insider
Bill Gates just described his biggest fear — and it could kill 33 million people in less than a year
You would think that Bill Gates, the ever-so-friendly richest man in the world, wouldn't be afraid of much.
But as he recently told Ezra Klein at Vox, he does have some major fears for humanity.
"I rate the chance of a nuclear war within my lifetime as being fairly low," says Gates. "I rate the chance of a widespread epidemic, far worse than Ebola, in my lifetime, as well over 50%."

OK, so Bill Gates is worried about a major disease outbreak - not impossible, maybe not even unlikely, but we can say with 100% certainty, that a major, population decimating, epidemic is not occurring at this very moment.  Shouldn’t we be more concerned about something that is?  

I think it’s human nature to discount present danger.  It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s a survival mechanism.  It’s what makes us forge ahead instead of cowering in fear, but at the same time, it’s only logical that we direct most of our time and resources towards something that is a current threat.

I should hope that most of you who read this will readily understand what the clear and present danger that we are currently facing is.  What I am talking about is specifically, our $18 trillion national debt, and our federal government in general.  Both of these things are eroding our freedom, and freedom is the only thing that really matters.  Without it, we are almost powerless to effectively address any other potential threats, including a major pandemic.

About four years ago, I was listening to a radio show (I think it was the Mark Belling Show.) and some politician (I think it was Senator Ron Johnson.) cited a study that took into account every country that ever existed, since the 1200’s, and it showed that every country, that ever sustained a debt equal or greater to 90% of GDP, for three or more consecutive years, ended up doing one of two things.  They either defaulted on their debt or hyperinflated their currency.  Either of these two things means disaster.  Disaster beyond what most people can even fathom.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a copy of this study, which show I heard this on, or who said it.  If someone knows anything about this study, please comment or email me at: neilschnurr3@gmail.com

Now check this out:

We’re already in the danger zone.  What makes us think that we can escape what no other country ever has?  We got one thing going for us.  There are quite a few countries that are in worse shape than we are.  Japan and many of the European countries come to mind.  Maybe, watching them fall apart will make us wake up in time.  I hope so.

What we are facing has the potential to be more real and more devastating than a disease outbreak, global warming, terrorism, or almost anything else I can think of, and will render us unable to cope with any other disaster or emergency that might come our way.

Ya know, I think I just might be smarter than Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

You All Have Already Seen it on the Drudge Report...

...I post it again here anyway.  Why?  Because Tesla cars suck.

source: Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D breaks—before testing begins

A broken power door handle is one of the most common Tesla problems

Last updated: May 18, 2015 02:15 PM
Help, help, my baby is in my burning Tesla and I can't open the door!

Well, I guess you shoulda bought a '69 Camaro.

A new car shouldn't have problems when you’ve owned it for less than a month. Yet Consumer Reports' brand-new $127,000 Tesla Model S P85 D, with the fancy retractable door handles refused to let us in, effectively rendering the car undriveable. (Read "Why We Bought a Tesla Model S.")
After we’d owned the P85 D for a mere 27 days, with just over 2,300 miles on the odometer, the driver-side door handle failed. The door handles in the Model S retract electrically so they rest flush with the sides of the car when they’re not in use. Walk up to the car with the key fob in your pocket, and the handles move out to allow you to grip them.
Driver's door handle is stuck.
Except this time, the one on the driver’s door of our P85D didn’t pop out, leaving us no way to open the door from the outside. And significantly, the car wouldn't stay in Drive, perhaps misinterpreting that the door was open due to the issue with the door handle. We have observed other vehicles likewise prohibiting driving with a door open.
We’re far from the first Tesla owners to experience this problem. Our car reliability survey shows that doors, locks, and latches are the biggest trouble areas with Teslas and that the Model S has far higher than average rates of such problems.
“Model S’ connectivity paired with over-the-air software updates allow Tesla to diagnose and fix most problems in Model S without the owner ever coming in for service,” said a Tesla Motors spokesperson via e-mail. “In instances when hardware, like the door handle, need to be replaced, we strive to make it painless for a customer to get their Model S serviced. ”
The good news: Getting our Tesla fixed could hardly have been more convenient. We called our local Tesla service center to have the car picked up and hauled 60 miles away to the service center for repair. But instead, the company sent a local technician to our Auto Test Center the next morning. Tesla maintains a fleet of repair vans with technicians to provide on-site service for minor problems. Such house calls are part of the Tesla ownership experience, available to all customers.
The technician diagnosed and repaired the problem quickly. Our car needed a new door-handle control module—the part inside the door itself that includes the electronic sensors and motors to operate the door handle and open the door. The whole repair took about two hours and was covered under the warranty.
Now that we can open the driver’s door and slide behind the wheel, our P85D is ready to start our formal test regimen. We’ll keep you posted on how it performs and let you know whether we have any more problems with it.
—Eric Evarts

Mad Max: Fury Road - Pray it doesn't suck.

For thirty years, I have waited for the next installment of the Mad Max movie series, and have been following the creation of it for nearly a decade.  It’s been a long wait, especially since Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, back in 1985, was such a disappointment for any true Mad Max fan.

Way back in 1981, I remember seeing a preview for The Road Warrior, and began counting down the days until its release.  It also caused me to remember an ad in the newspaper movie section about two years earlier, for a film called Mad Max.  Ads for both movies, used the tagline, “Pray he’s out there”, and I wondered if the two movies were somehow related.

I saw The Road Warrior, the day it was released, and was not disappointed.  In fact, I returned to see it in theaters, about fifteen times.  At that point, I could only wish that I could have seen Mad Max in the theater as well.  In those days, if you missed seeing a movie that wasn’t a blockbuster in the theaters, chances were, that you would never see it at all.

Then, two wonderful things happened - The widespread emergence of cable TV, and the advent of video rentals.  I finally got to see Mad Max on cable, and soon after,  I could rent it on VHS.  Those days, of the early to mid-80’s were truly the golden age of movie rentals.  Every movie a video rental outlet had, was a “new release”, and I figured that I would never be able to exhaust the available supply of good movies that I had not yet seen. (In reality, it took about three years.)  

Soon afterward, one could just buy their favorite movies on VHS, and to this day, Mad Max and The Road Warrior remain my favorite movies of all time.  I’ve seen each, well over one hundred times, and know every scene and line.  The true test of a great movie is:Can you watch it again, even if you’ve seen it many times before?  I’ve worn out two VHS cassettes of both movies.  Thank God for DVD’s.

In 1985, I eagerly awaited the release of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.  What a disappointment!  The movie barely had any scenes with any cars in them, and for most Mad Max fans, that’s what the franchise was all about.  The other problem with the movie was the whole kids in the desert thing.  This is what ruined that movie as far as I am concerned.  A band of kids left alone to fend for themselves for years in the desert?  The whole scenario is beyond the realm of possibility.   In order for movies like Mad Max to work, their audiences must be able to believe that such a story could actually happen, even if they have to strain to do so.  This is where I fear that the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road is going to fail.  Maybe not in terms of ticket sales, but by how it will be viewed by true Mad Max fans.

Through watching previews and reading articles, I have picked up on a vibe that  is going to have some bad ass chicks in it.  You know, women that beat up guys and tell guys what to do.  In a post apocalyptic world, this would be less likely to occur than a group of kids surviving by themselves for years in the desert.  Why?  Because it’s supposed to be post apocalyptic!  Duh!  By definition, in a post apocalyptic world, there isn’t going to be any affirmative action, Title IX, a smaller ball, lower minimum standards, or any other artificial means that allows weaker individuals or groups to compete on the same level as the best and/or strongest, in anything.  If some type of apocalyptic event ever takes place, societies will become more like it they were back in preindustrial and even medieval times, and we all know how many ass-kicking chicks existed back then.

I have always been able to overlook the fact that Mad Max can turn his supercharger on and off with an electric switch, even though such a thing is impossible in real life.  Maybe, I’ll be able to overlook the ass-kicking chicks in Fury Road too, even though such a thing is much less believable.

I’ve thought about not even seeing it, but I know I won’t be able to keep away.  I thought about waiting about a week to see it because I hate crowded theaters, but I know I won’t be able to wait that long.   I’ll porbably go see it in a few hours.  Mad Max: Fury Road, Pray it doesn’t suck.

If You Want Blood...

...You Got It!

I’ve heard this crap before.  They say that when no one listens to your voice, violence is the only alternative.  Here’s the latest round of this twisted thinking by some dude named Benji Hart:

source: Salon, of course.

Baltimore’s violent protesters are right: Smashing police cars is a legitimate political strategy

It's crucial to see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy. If it fails to win people over it's a futile tactic

Baltimore's violent protesters are right: Smashing police cars is a legitimate political strategyEnlargeA Baltimore Metropolitan Police transport vehicle burns during clashes in Baltimore, Maryland April 27, 2015. (Credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)
As a nation, we fail to comprehend Black political strategy in much the same way we fail to recognize the value of Black life.
We see ghettos and crime and absent parents where we should see communities actively struggling against mental health crises and premeditated economic exploitation. And when we see police cars being smashed and corporate property being destroyed, we should see reasonable responses to generations of extreme state violence, and logical decisions about what kind of actions yield the desired political results.
I’m overwhelmed by the pervasive slandering of protesters in Baltimore this weekend for not remaining peaceful. The bad-apple rhetoric would have us believe that most Baltimore protesters are demonstrating the right way—as is their constitutional right—and only a few are disrupting the peace, giving the movement a bad name.
This spin should be disregarded, first because of the virtual media blackout of any of the action happening on the ground, particularly over the weekend. Equally, it makes no sense to cite the Constitution in any demonstration for Black civil rights (that document was not written about us, remember?), but certainly not one organized specifically to call attention to the fact that the state breaks its own laws with regard to the oppressed on a nearly constant basis.
But there is an even bigger problem. Referring to Black Lives Matter protests, as well as organic responses to police and state violence as “non-violent” or “peaceful” erases the actual climate in which these movements are acting, the militant strategies that have rendered them effective, and the long history of riots and direct action on which they are built.
I do not advocate non-violence—particularly in a moment like the one we currently face. In the spirit and words of militant Black and Brown feminist movements from around the globe, I believe it is crucial that we see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy.
Non-violence is a type of political performance designed to raise awareness and win over sympathy of those with privilege. When those on the outside of struggle—the white, the wealthy, the straight, the able-bodied, the masculine—have demonstrated repeatedly that they do not care, are not invested, are not going to step in the line of fire to defend the oppressed, this is a futile political strategy. It not only fails to meet the needs of the community, but actually puts oppressed people in further danger of violence.
Read more. Don’t fuckin’ bother.

So now, they are (and have been) excusing the rioters.  Back in November, I ran across an idiot who was saying that what the rioters in Ferguson MO were the equivalent to those who participated in the Boston Tea Party.  These idiots say that the rioting scumbags in our nation’s cities today are just like the brave patriots who fought in the American Revolution.  Really?  Well, I can think of a few differences between the two groups, and I think that I can prove to any sane, rational person, that they aren’t the same at all.

First of all, the British government was enriching itself off of the American colonists, whereas most of the protesters are living off of the our federal, state, and local governments.  That’s about as opposite as you can get.

Secondly, the patriots of the American Revolution fully understood and expected, that England would come back on them with everything they had, and would not stop short of killing every last one of them, if they could.  The rioters, and those who support them, will say that anything done to hold them accountable by law is unreasonable and unfair.  Once the dust settles, they will expect all of us, including those who had their property destroyed and tax money spent on increased policing and rebuilding public property that was destroyed, to just forget the whole thing (and be happy about it).  Not much similarity there either.

Third, our founding fathers did not shy away from what they believed in.  As the story goes, John Hancock signed his name large enough on the Declaration of Independence so the king of England could read it without his eyeglasses. These men were in it for the long haul and were willing to suffer the consequences if they were not successful.  The rioters will try to kill a police officer, if they can get away with it, and then hide in the shadows and hope they are not identified.  These two groups are as different from each other as the meanings of bravery and cowardice.

One last thing for Benji - He says that rioting is “a legitimate political strategy”.  WRONG!!!!!  The ONLY legitimate political strategy in this country is one that remains within the law.  Once a group defines its criminal actions as a “political strategy”, then that group has moved outside the realm of simple criminality, and into something much more sinister.   

If these protesters, (and their sympathizers), are going try to legitimize the attacking of police officers and the destruction of property by describing it as a political strategy, then they are giving us the right to accuse them of treason, and treat them accordingly.