I Guess I'll Just Go Read it Somewhere Else

Author's note: This story is not, I repeat not, about Ebola.

I'm sure you all have ran across this shit before.  You click on some link to a story only to find that there are only a few lines are available to read and then, some bullshit about having to subscribe to see the whole thing.  Even if it's free if you log in, it's not worth it.  Even if it is the Wall Street Journal.  Just Google the story and find it, or one like it, that you can read for free.

Thousands of bloggers, both big and small, have proven that it doesn't take much money to report the news.  We finally have gotten news out of the hands of the major media oligopoly.  Don't ever do anything that might help them get it back.

Whenever you run across something like I have posted below, just close out that page and go look where you can fine your news for free.  If everyone does this, sites that try this shit will lose traffic to those who don't, and that's exactly how it should be.  

Trust me, they can find a way to bring you the news for free if they really want to.  Plenty of other outfits do.

Never, never, never, give in.

Liberian Slum Takes Ebola Treatment Into Its Own Hands

Capital’s West Point Neighborhood Takes Steps to Quell Outbreak After It Rebelled Over Government’s Quarantine in August

MONROVIA, Liberia—Two months after Liberia’s largest slum fought a government-imposed Ebola quarantine, residents are in a desperate push to conquer the deadly virus—with or without the government’s help.
It is a marked change from August, when many in West Point argued Ebola was a hoax and some residents even dumped the highly contagious corpses of Ebola victims into a nearby river to avoid handing them over to the government’s...
Don't ever fall for this bullshit