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source: New York Times

Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83

Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83.
His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
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I don't want to make you feel paranoid, but they ARE comin' to get ya.

If you were to ask conservatives why the Environmental Protection Agency should be abolished, probably the most common answers would be something like these:
  • It’s a waste of taxpayer money.
  • We should not give unelected people the power to infringe upon individual’s property rights.
  • We already had a system in place to deal make and enforce laws dealing with environmental issues.  The EPA didn’t even exist before 1970, and we managed to get by just fine.

But there’s another reason to abolish the EPA - It gives the government the power to circumvent our constitutional rights.  I’m not talking about property rights here (although the infringement upon property owner’s rights is reason enough all by itself to abolish the EPA), I’m talking about the basic rights of any free citizen, property owner or not.

Check out the story below.  Mark my words, as our governments (local, state and federal) get more intrusive, they will also become more tyrannical.  These two things always go hand in hand.

source: The New York Post

Cherry tycoon kills himself amid drug raid on factory

Cherry tycoon kills himself amid drug raid on factory
Arthur Mondella, owner of Dell's Maraschino Cherries, fatally shot himself inside his Brooklyn factory on Feb. 24.Photo: Buck Ennis/Crain's New York Business
The owner of one of the country’s largest maraschino cherry companies fatally shot himself Tuesday as authorities raided his Brooklyn factory — a suspected massive drug front.
Dell’s Maraschino Cherries owner Arthur Mondella, 57, stood by and nervously watched as authorities spotted suspicious shelving in a storage room at his Red Hook facility — then opened up a door to the false wall behind it and the smell of weed wafted out, law enforcement sources said.
Mondella immediately “asked to use the bathroom, he went in the bathroom, and, ‘Boom,’ ” a source said.
Before shooting himself once in the head, Mondella told his sister, “Take care of my kids,” sources said.
Investigators later found three large bags of pot stashed behind the fake wall at the landmark business, which Mondella’s grandfather started.
Read more.  This is one of those times when you really should “Read more”.

For those of you who didn’t bother to “Read more”, here’s the important parts:

Authorities wanted to get a warrant to search the place after getting tipped off that it was a front for a marijuana business, but when they couldn’t, they decided to try to do an end run through the Department of Environmental Protection, sources said.

Investigators from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and the DEP were technically searching the place for possible violations involving the dumping of waste when Mondella killed himself, sources said.

The probe kicked off when Brooklyn DA detective investigators got a tip from a confidential informant in 2013 that the factory was a front for a marijuana operation.
Investigators kept close watch over the business for about six months — but couldn’t figure out if pot was being grown inside.
Finally, they used environmental agencies to secure search warrants.
“We figured one way or another, that would get us in there and then we’d find the marijuana,” a law enforcement source said.

In my opinion, this is abuse of power and authority of the highest magnitude.  There were reasons that the police couldn’t get a regular search warrant, such as lack of evidence and lack of probable cause.  We have such restrictions in place to protect our citizens.  See the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  

Now the agency involved was called the Department of Environmental Protection (not the EPA, but kind of a local EPA), but it gives you an idea of how such departments, (local, state, and federal) can be used to circumvent our constitutional protections, and as we witnessed with the IRS, our government(s) no longer have any qualms about abusing the power of such agencies.

Yeah, yeah, I know what a lot of you are thinking, “I don’t grow pot or break any other laws so what do I care?”  I tell ya, you might be a law abiding citizen right now, but what about when they make doing something that you take for granted as being legal right now, and make it a crime?  Like gun ownership, or speaking out against the government?  Do you think that can’t happen?  Look at all the things that happened in the last eight years, that as little as ten years ago, you would have said could never happen.

Things like this are not just going to go away or even become less frequent.  Trust me, incidents like this are only going to become more and more common as time goes by.  By the time most of us will feel like the time has come to do something about it, it will be too late.  The government(s) will abuse the power of their agencies (ones that were never meant to be used negate our constitutional rights) to stop us before we can even start.

I fear our government(s) more than I fear all the pot growers and drug dealers combined.

Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

Some old chick named Madonna (no information was given on what her last name was) fell down during an awards ceremony in England.

Check this out!

I came across this while visiting My Daily Kona.

If you were a fan of the original Star Trek TV series, but never really got into any of the ones that followed, check this out!  It is simply fantastic.  It gives off old school Star Trek vibes.  

Pretty good, huh!  Now get this.  Independent film makers made this video for $70,000.  When was the last time you saw this kind of quality sci-fi come out of Hollywood?  If the independents can make movies this good for that little, traditional movie makers are in big trouble.  

How much do you wanna bet...

...that the people in favor of this are among the group of people who fear that global warming will destroy the human race?

source: Express

Three-parent babies could risk the future of the human race, warn 55 Italian MPs

THREE-PARENT babies could risk the future of the human race by "modifying genetic heritage in an irreversible way", warned 55 Italian MPs.

The group of Italian politicians have called on the House of Lords to reject a law to allow so-called three-parent babies - stating the notion "cannot possibly be contained within the confines of the United Kingdom".
The stern warning comes after MPs in Britain voted overwhelmingly in favour of the controversial technique of mitochondrial donation - which would allow children to be conceived with genetic material from a trio of individuals.
In a strongly worded letter to The Times, the Italian Mps wrote that the legalisation of such a technique "could have uncontrollable and unforeseeable consequences, affecting future generations and modifying genetic heritage in an irreversible way, inevitably affecting the human species as a whole".
The letter also argues that "the greater part of the scientific community maintain that the scientific data currently available is insufficient to even consider intervention on human subjects, and there cannot therefore be any guarantee for the safety of any eventual off-spring".
And how much do you wanna bet that the the people in favor of that are the same people in favor of one parent babies?

At least the above story is about a technology that is not has not yet seen widespread use yet, so it’s negative consequences are still debatable.  The negative effects of only having one parent per child are well known, and we not only allow that, we subsidize it.  Watch this:

The Greatest Game in the World

You want to know what I did during the winter when I was young?
Watch this video.