Yeah, there's a real loser here, and it ain't the Cowboys

This guy better have had a $10 thousand, or higher bet on this game, and was depending on the winnings to keep him from going into foreclosure on his home, or he is the biggest loser of all time.  Thanks to his friend with the phone, the whole world knows it too.

I don't know about you, but I have so many real problems and worries, that who wins or loses a professional sporting contest doesn't even make it on my radar screen.

"No more games, no more games."

I just can't understand how grown adults can get so worked up about things that involve the words "play" and "game".

Remember the Yugo?

Yes, I do, but I don’t remember anything else.


Everyone who is old enough, remembers the Yugo, the cheap little car from Yugoslavia with a very poor record of dependability.  That reputation for unreliability, led to its demise.  

Too bad for the Yugo.  I bet that at least forty percent of Yugos served their original owners quite well, but so many people who bought Yogos had problems with them, that everyone else began to think, “I’m not going to make the same mistake.”

My question is:  “Why isn’t it that way with everything else?”

69 cats removed from Providence apartment

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - Animal control officers have removed 69 cats from a Providence apartment.
Police say they were called to the home on Progress Avenue on Thursday morning. The animal control department had received a complaint about a tenant on the second floor hoarding cats.
Animal control officers, with the help of the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Providence Animal Rescue League, took the cats from the apartment.
The tenant was not immediately charged.
The apartment was described as "dirty" in the police report.
WJAR-TV first reported the incident. They say the building inspector condemned the house.

Several times per year, you will hear of a story involving someone who has too many cat’s in their house.  These people (who are almost always older white women) certainly didn’t start out with a million cats, the day they moved into their homes, and they almost certainly heard stories about other people who made the mistake of having a million cats in the past, yet they still decided to try going the million cats route, themselves.


Others say these people are crazy, but they say they’re crazy because they have a million cats.  What about the days before these people had a million cats?  What happened to make them decide to adopt a life strategy with a hundred percent failure rate?  Did it happen all at once, like getting hit with a bolt of lightning, or did they mull it over for years, weighing the pros and cons of the million cat lifestyle?

Whatever it was, it’s happening across this country with several older women, right now, at this very moment, and they will be the ones we will be reading about in a few years.

There’s another lifestyle, with a nearly one hundred percent failure rate, that hundreds, perhaps thousands of people (mostly fat, younger white women) are seriously considering choosing, right now, at this very moment, but I can’t even mention it, or I will be accused of being a racist.

Why do they do it?  Do they think that they are so special, that they can beat the odds?  They’d be better off buying a used Yugo.

Reply to Irish

I got a question from a fellow blogger.  You all know him, Irish from where else? The Feral Irishman.  But you know me, I'm so long winded, that my reply wouldn't even fit in the comments section, so here's his question:

Off Topic

Hey Neil, Quick question on snow tires for my truck. 08 silverado 1500. I use my plow personally and my tires are getting on in milage. Im thinking of dedicated snows and steel rims for the winter. I only use the truck during the storm or if needed for business. Other than that I use the car for gas milage savings. I checked with the local shop and they offered the following

firestone winteforce, mastercraft courser, general altimax artic and michelin ltx winter. It's new england weather so we get ice and snow plus hard pack. 9 times out of 10 the roads are clear in a day or two.

Any suggestions or other brands?



... and here's my reply:

First off, I am honored that you consider me worth going to, for advice.

Second.  In my opinion, you are playing the game exactly the right way.  That is, own a 4x4  truck, because, sometimes, you absolutely need such a thing, but use a car with excellent fuel economy for everyday driving.  That's exactly what I do.  My everyday driver is a '95 Honda Civic, 4 cylinder, 5 speed.  It gets 40 mpg if I'm nice to it, while my 1 ton GMC gets about 10 mpg.  

You are also making the right call, owning your own snowplow.  If you already own a 4x4 truck and have a larger driveway, you might as well have a snowplow.  I can't believe how many people live out in the country, have long driveways, own 4x4 trucks, and STILL, hire someone else to do their snowplowing. 

 Even more ridiculous, are the people who think they are going to keep their driveways clear with a blade mounted on a four wheeler.  There is nothing more worthless for clearing snow, than a four wheeler.  Yeah, that's what I want to - sit out in the wind, snow and cold, on a machine that only clears off about 4 feet per swath, no hydraulic lift or turning on the blade, can't handle any snowfall over six inches, and has about twenty foot turning radius.  I laugh at these people.  For the money they spent on their four wheeler, they could have bought a used turn-key, truck and plow setup.  Most of them bought the snow blades to try to justify the purchase of their four wheelers, but just ended up digging themselves further into a hole.  I often wonder what they are thinking to themselves as they are outside, freezing their asses off for hours, while someone comes by in a pick up truck, and does their neighbor's driveway in about 15 minutes.  I'm not a big fan of four wheelers anyway, side by sides are much better, more practical machines, and if you want to go fast, off road, a good old dirt bike is much safer AND faster.

Now what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, snow tires and dedicated wheels.  Once again, you are approaching this in the smartest way possible.  Some people might think that there is a downside to this because of increased costs, but the costs are not as high as they might think.  If you are running snow tires in the winter, your summer tires last longer, because you aren't putting as many miles on them.  The total cost of doing this over the life of the truck, is no where as high as it might look at first glance.

This is also a good idea, because you can run snow tires, specifically designed for snow during the winter.  These will probably look a little uglier than your summer tires because they will almost certainly be narrower (skinny tires are good for snow), but you can keep your good looking set of wheels with your summer tires from getting all corroded from road salt.  Snow tires tend to have more rolling noise, so you won't have to listen to the extra noise, from spring til fall, using your plan.  Excellent thinking, Irish, you are definitely on the right track.

One other thing I might add.  If you want to save some money, AND still have your truck look good during the winter at the same time, consider a set of junkyard tires and wheels.  Often you can find a set of tires on top of the line OEM aluminum wheels from some newer truck that someone rolled over, for about half what you pay for a brand new set.

As for tire brands, I don't think that makes too much difference. There are a lot of tire brands, but there is really only a few actual tire manufacturers, and they make all the tires for everyone else.  Did you ever notice that just about every tire brand has an all terrain tire with the same tread pattern as B.F. Goodrich Radial All Terrains?  I think the discount brands like Cooper are every bit as good as the big names like Goodyear or Michelin.  The important thing is, if you really are interested in increasing your vehicle's performance in snow, you must get a tire specifically designed for snow.  Since mud had different properties than snow (adhesion, cohesion, weight, density, etc.), a mud tire has a different tread design than a snow tire and is not as good in the snow. Likewise, a snow tire will not perform as well in the mud as a mud tire.

Unfortunately, the only brand/style of tire that ever really stood out from all the others, isn't even made anymore - not since the early '80's.  Those were Firestone Town and Country snow tires.  These had the old school, saw tooth dread design.  I used these on my '66 Chevy 4x4, back in the '70's and I could keep going with open front and rear differentials, where guys with positaction would get stuck.  Best snow tire ever made, bar none.

Feminists Fall Flat on Their Faces Again

I’m sure you’ve all seen this video posted at other sites.  Here’s what I have to say about it:

A reply to all you bitchy, ugly, feminist, fat chicks out there, griping about how everything isn’t exactly the way you want it.

I get it, I get it.  You thought that you could shock people into listening to your message by having little girls use filthy language.  What the hell, It’s worth a try.  Right?  It cost hardly anything to make your video in terms of effort and money.  What did you have to lose?

Well, let’s take a look at the results of your little production -  Six hundred thousand views in one week.  You can’t exactly say that it has gone viral, now can you?

Now, it’s not totally fair to judge your video on viewership alone.  What causes mega viewership is kind of a magical and mystical thing.  However, enough people have posted and otherwise mentioned it, that it certainly had most of the ingredients for going viral.  So why hasn’t it?  The answer may be just below the number of views you received.  Just as many people gave it a thumbs down as a thumbs up.  

What does that mean?  It means that at best, your whole production was a waste of time.  You did worse than break even, because  although you took on the trouble of producing and posting your video, you did nothing to move the needle on the meter of public opinion.  The little girls would have been better off playing fairy princesses and the fat chick would have been better off watching other peoples’ videos and...   eating.

OK, so where did you go wrong?  Maybe it was the little girls swearing thing.  While you did get a limited number of people to watch, the video turned off at least just as many people who liked it.  Even more, if you believe (like I do) that the opinions on these videos are often skewed towards the likes.  You failed to realize that a positive viewer reaction is every bit as important (perhaps more so) than total viewership.

You screwed up on a no brainer here - in order to get people to agree with your message, they must first - like your message.  You should have known that very few people were going to feel all warm and fuzzy watching little girls use foul language.  Foul language is kind of like tattoos.  Some people can use either to their advantage (bikers and drill sergeants for example), but with many other people, such things detract from their message.  Do you want a tattooed minister, swearing at you during a sermon at church?

I’m sure that by now, even you can understand that cussing preteen girls was not the way to go, but even if you chose to go a different route, your message still would have fallen flat.  Why?  Because you were begging the rest of society to give into your demands (that just turns people off) and you contradict yourselves.  What do I mean?

Well to start with, your message seems to imply that girls should be free to make their own choices.  I don’t think many people have any problem with that, but if that is true,everyone else should be able to make their own choices too, like say, the people who hire employees and determine how much employees should be paid.

The gender pay gap is a myth, but I don’t have time to get into that now, so let’s just say for the sake of argument, that it exists.  There is nothing unjust or unfair about the gender pay gap, but passing laws to try to eliminate it, would be totally unfair, unjust, and would do more to prevent women from advancing in the workplace than any circumstances that exist today, because employers would lose the price advantage on women’s labor.

Many people today that define themselves as being a member of some minority, to blame their shortcomings in life on racism, sexism, or some other “ism”.  If any of these evils are to blame on their lack of success, then the only thing to do that makes sense is to look at some group of people who overcame these isms, and what they did (or more importantly what they did not do) to overcome them.

At the turn of the twentieth century, southern and eastern Europeans and even Catholics were actively discriminated by much of society.  Today, hardly anyone sees them as anything but part of the majority, and they did it in less than 50 years.  How did they do it?  Not by whining and begging the rest of society to give them a break, but by hard work, and by depending upon themselves, their friends and their families.  More time has passed since women and other groups have been publicly bitching about their lot in life, and they have had far little success at reaching the type of equality they desire than the people I used as an example at the beginning of this paragraph.

Well, that’s not the same thing!

Maybe it’s not exactly the same thing, but you have to admit that the Catholics and southern and eastern Europeans were successful.  Couldn’t you at least try the approach they used, instead of your complaining, begging, pissing and moaning,  At the very least, perhaps the rest of society would start having some increased respect for you.

The video implies that women are interchangeable with men,(just as strong, just as adaptable, just as willing to put up with extreme conditions, have just as many relavant previous life experiences to draw upon) and therefore deserve the same pay for the same work, but then, it goes on to say that women are in such danger of getting raped by men.

Rape is not unavoidable.  It’s not just a matter of mathematics whether someone gets raped.  There are two things one can possess to cut the possibility of getting raped down to just about zero.  The first is strength, and the second is common sense.  Everyone knows that men are in general, stronger than women, but the video would lead one to believe that women have very little common sense either.  One in five.  It’s just a matter of mathematics, and they have no idea how to avoid rape other than asking criminals not to be criminals.  "Please Mr. Bad Guy, don’t hurt me."  Do you honestly think that will work?  Doesn’t that just make you look stupid?

If you accept that getting raped is only a matter of mathematics and probability, as the video implies, you are saying that you believe that women are not only weaker than men, they also have less common sense.  Don’t you think that strength and common sense might come in handy in the workplace?  Maybe, that’s why men get paid more than women.  And for all you feminists out there, don’t get mad at me for saying this.  These are just the conclusions that any logical person might draw, (either consciously or subconsciously) from watching your pals' stupid video!   It’s a perfect example of classic liberalism - not thinking things through and ending up insulting the group you claim to be advocates of, more than anyone else ever could.

And then we got the fat chick.  Hey!  You’re trying to get a message across here.  In other words, you’re advertising.  If fat chicks had a positive impact in trying to persuade people, don’t you think that companies would use fat chicks in their ads?  You didn’t think about that did you?  You just pissed and moaned about how you don’t like the way things are, how you want them to be different, and how you want other people to change things without exerting any real effort yourselves.  Like a child.  Like a liberal.

What else do we got here?  Oh yeah, obviously the words pay, inequality, rape, and violence are not more offensive than swear words.  Otherwise people couldn’t say them on TV, and you would have had the little girls using those words repeatedly to get attention, rather than swearing.

Last of all we got little fag boy.  What can I say about little fag boy?  Well, I could say a lot of things about little fag boy, but I will limit it to this:  You couldn’t be more wrong (well I guess you could be, and are), by saying, “When you say it’s bad for a boy to act like a girl, you're saying, it’s bad to be a girl.”  What kind of fucked up (my turn to swear now) logic is that?  That’s like saying, “If you say it’s bad for a ballerina to act like a football player, you're saying, it’s bad to be a football player.”  It makes no sense at all.

I Guess I'll Just Go Read it Somewhere Else

Author's note: This story is not, I repeat not, about Ebola.

I'm sure you all have ran across this shit before.  You click on some link to a story only to find that there are only a few lines are available to read and then, some bullshit about having to subscribe to see the whole thing.  Even if it's free if you log in, it's not worth it.  Even if it is the Wall Street Journal.  Just Google the story and find it, or one like it, that you can read for free.

Thousands of bloggers, both big and small, have proven that it doesn't take much money to report the news.  We finally have gotten news out of the hands of the major media oligopoly.  Don't ever do anything that might help them get it back.

Whenever you run across something like I have posted below, just close out that page and go look where you can fine your news for free.  If everyone does this, sites that try this shit will lose traffic to those who don't, and that's exactly how it should be.  

Trust me, they can find a way to bring you the news for free if they really want to.  Plenty of other outfits do.

Never, never, never, give in.

Liberian Slum Takes Ebola Treatment Into Its Own Hands

Capital’s West Point Neighborhood Takes Steps to Quell Outbreak After It Rebelled Over Government’s Quarantine in August

MONROVIA, Liberia—Two months after Liberia’s largest slum fought a government-imposed Ebola quarantine, residents are in a desperate push to conquer the deadly virus—with or without the government’s help.
It is a marked change from August, when many in West Point argued Ebola was a hoax and some residents even dumped the highly contagious corpses of Ebola victims into a nearby river to avoid handing them over to the government’s...
Don't ever fall for this bullshit