Outrageous, Inexcusable, Criminal - Who Else (Besides Hospitals) Could Get Away With This?

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Cost Of College Degree In U.S. Has Increased 1,120 Percent In 30 Years, Report Says

The cost of a college degree in the United States has increased "12 fold" over the past 30 years, far outpacing the price inflation of consumer goods, medical expenses and food.
Using this chart to explain its findings, Bloomberg reports that the rate of increase in college costs has been "four times faster than the increase in the consumer price index." It also notes that "medical expenses have climbed 601 percent, while the price of food has increased 244 percent over the same period."
This is not the first time in recent months that rising college costs have been in the news.
Earlier this year, the Associated Press reported the average tuition at four-year public universities had increased by 15 percent between 2008 and 2010. Private universities were also found to have had significant price increases.
“Soaring tuition and shrinking incomes are making college less and less affordable,” Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, told Bloomberg. “For millions of young people, rising college costs are putting the American dream on hold, or out of reach.”
Indeed, as tuition costs continue to rise and the national student loan debt hits $1 trillion, some people have been left wondering if college is even worth it anymore.
Education Secretary Arne Duncan told the Associated Press in June thatlowering college costs needs to be priority for the whole country.
"As a nation, we need more college graduates in order to stay competitive in the global economy," Duncan said. "But if the costs keep on rising, especially at a time when family incomes are hurting, college will become increasingly unaffordable for the middle class."

See!  What have I been telling you for months, since I started this blog?

Has hell frozen over?  Apparently the Huffington Post and the Golden Geese News are in agreement.  College tuition costs are too high.  HoffPo didn’t have to go to Bloomberg though, they could have asked me, or anyone else who went to college a few years back, and has been paying any amount of attention since.

I’ve been saying that the people running our colleges and universities are crooks for years.  They have been stealing from students and taxpayers, and now I am going to go after them.

Look for more posts in the coming days about why things suck so much for all of us nowadays, and who is responsible.  I’m tired of seeing me and hard working people who have even less than me getting ripped off by people who make six times what I do.

Today, I will leave you with this.  Nothing should ever increase in price faster than the rate of inflation.  (Unless there is a legitimate, free market reason for it, like a huge increase in demand, huge decrease in supply, or huge increase in cost of providing or manufacturing it.)

Whenever the price of anything wildly outpaces inflation, that should send up the red flags.  There is an excellent chance that someone’s ripping  someone else off!

How Else Would Anyone Believe that You were Connected with the Federal Government?

from: CBS Chicago http://chicago.cbslocal.com/

Man Posing As Federal Agent Robbing People On South Side

CHICAGO (STMW) – A man calling himself “Officer Franklin” is posing as a federal agent to rob people on the South Side.
The man approaches victims in a tan SUV, pulls over to talk to people on the sidewalk and identifies himself as an agent or “Officer Franklin,” according to a community alert from Area South detectives.
The robber convinces people to get into the SUV under the guise of a criminal investigation, then drives them a short distance and robs them with a silver semi-automatic handgun, police said. He does not show police credentials or wear a uniform.

In this guy’s defense, how could you realistically pass yourself off as being associated with the federal government without robbing people?  That’s what the federal government does.

Now this guy will probably be apprehended, prosecuted, and convicted. Problem solved.

I just wish it would be that easy to stop the real agents and officials of our federal government from robbing us.

Don't Listen to Any "Experts" about Obamacare - All You Need are Your Conservative Instincts

Author’s note:  I wrote this, and almost didn’t post it, because I will be the first to admit that much of it is pure conjecture.  But that is the whole point of the post.  No one knows everything that’s in this monstrosity called Obamacare.  Anyway, I was checking out Captain Capitalism, http://captaincapitalism.blogspot.com/ and saw this, and it’s all I needed to reaffirm my belief that we should trust our instincts.  Here’s the most relevant part:

But perhaps the most-outrageous of all has been Obamacare and the medical "industry", which has used the power of government to utterly destroy any pretext of a fair and free market, creating a system where your medical care costs five times or more what it should.  That, incidentally, means that you should be able to pay cash for what your deductible is on your insurance (including Medicare!) were that outrageously corrupt system to be exposed to the white-hot light of either the market, prosecution under the Sherman Act or both.  Instead of making strides to resolve that outrage, no matter how small, Obama and Congress have doubled down with signature legislation embodying in statute the utter financial rape of our entire society and both sides of the aisle in Congress not only allowed it to happen but continue to allow it to proceed to this very day.

How could anyone claim to know what’s in the Affordable Care Act, or what its effects will be, just look at it.

All we have, are our suspicions and instincts.

Wanna hear my prediction regarding Obamacare, It’s going to be a disaster.  Why?  It will be run by the government,  Look at the government's track record.  Can they do anything effectively or efficiently?  You wouldn’t bet on the Chicago Cubs to win the world series at the beginning of each season, so why do liberals keep betting that the government can solve any problems, or make anything better?  They can’t do anything right.  

Milton Friedman once said, “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years, they would have a shortage of sand.”  You can damned well count on a shortage of doctors and the demand for various medical procedures, exceeding the supply once Obama care has gone into effect.  Like any other government-run program, the Affordable Healthcare Act will generate a sea of red ink.  There will be a shortage of funds, and the government will look to find more anywhere they can.  Most likely through increased taxation, limiting doctors’ compensation, and the elimination of any medical services that they deem “unnecessary”.  

Liberals who support Obamacare are either still under the delusion that it means free health care for them, or they are just toeing the party line, but what was the driving force behind Obamacare in the first place?

Once again, all I have are my instincts and suspicions, but here is my theory.  Obamacare is about nothing more than forced participation in order to keep the Hospital gravy train running.

 If you look at expenses for the average person, most have remained fairly level once you account for inflation, even fuel and most taxes.  (The reason that  most taxes remain level is because they quickly increase to the point of diminishing marginal returns)  The two areas expenses that have wildly outpaced inflation are, health care and education. Both are scams where a relatively small number of people earning six figure incomes and higher, are living off of the backs of the average and below average income earners in this country.

In order to sustain itself, our healthcare system requires a large number of healthy people who don’t need it, paying for the ones who do.  The system worked relatively well until in recent decades, when the people running our hospitals discovered that the health care system could be a gold mine used to line their pockets and those of their friends.  

A testament to this is how outrageously lavish hospital buildings have become.  Hospital administrators award bids for new construction based on friendship, not low cost, and then receive kickbacks. Both the administrators and contractors get a nice extra wad of cash. It's a similar case in other areas, right down to the purchase of adhesive tape.  The problem with doing business this way is that it has caused costs to skyrocket.  

When I was born in 1962, it cost my parents $162.  When my son was born in 1998 it costs $6000.  Why the increase?  Inflation?  That would account for a cost of about $875.  Where does all the rest of the money go?  I think we all have a reasonable suspicion.

Health insurance has become so expensive that many young people are choosing to not purchase it.  This is not a case of them being irresponsible.  They're making a sound, rationale, financial decision.  They realize health insurance is not insuring their health, but their assets in the event that they had a large hospital bill.  The chance of them needing any expensive health care is relatively small, and they have few if any, assets of any value.  Would you put full coverage insurance on a 15 year old, rusted out car?  Of course not. It wouldn’t be worth it, and young people are using the same logic.

As the cost of health care continues to rise, more and more people are coming to the same conclusions that many younger people have.  Sometimes they don’t make the decision voluntarily, they simply can’t afford the premiums. With this being the case, the current system cannot maintain itself, and without some type of change, it will surely collapse.  What should we do?

In a free market system, the ideal thing to do would be nothing.  After a period of correction, hospitals would be forced to lower their costs, and health care would become affordable again.  Problem solved.  That’s not to say that there wouldn’t be any casualties, namely the hospital gravy train.  It would quickly run out of steam and come to a halt.  But hey, they had a 40 year run.

If you think the folks who have been running the hospitals are going to just sit around and let that happen, you’re crazy, and this is the driving force behind Obamacare: Keep the gravy train running by forcing people to contribute.

Now this might work for awhile, but the ineptitude of the federal government will soon foil the plans of greedy hospitals.  Before they even realize it, they will have sacrificed their freedom to run their businesses as they see fit, for a few more years of raping the general public.  At that point, they will make even less money than before the gravy train ever hit the tracks, and every element of health care, down to the cleaning of the bedpans, will be controlled by a huge unwieldy, government bureaucracy.

Even if the federal government was neither inept or corrupt, the Affordable Care Act assigns it with the almost impossible task of increasing coverage to all and reducing costs. (Something only a free market could ever even come close to doing.)

 Fewer and fewer folks now have health care coverage, and many people think that this is the problem.  You’ll hear them talking about the “47 million uninsured”.  The number of uninsured people is not the problem.  The uninsured have always been able to receive health care if they really needed it.

The problems are greedy hospitals, and the number of people who are not paying for health care.  Obamacare covers everyone, but it only increases the number of people paying by the number of people who are now, voluntarily choosing not to have health insurance.  It doesn’t decrease the amount of lower income people who are not paying into the system at all, and if anything, it will increase it.  In order to pay for them, everyone else, (including the young people who now are able to avoid the health care scam), will have to pay more than we would have had to without Obamacare.

SUPER-Model You Go, Girl!!

Model 'punches' Femen protesters who storm catwalk during Paris fashion week

My respect for models just increased 1000%, my respect for Femen protesters, well I didn’t have any to begin with.

A Liverpool model said she "punched" two Femen protesters who broke onto the catwalk at Paris fashion week and grabbed her arm.
Hollie-May Saker was modelling for designer Nina Ricci in the French capital when protesters from the radical feminist group ran on stage, with the words "model, don't go to brothel" painted across their torsos.
When one of the two women grabbed Ms Saker's hand, she can be seen pulling her hand away in response, before both members of the Ukrainian group were dragged away by a security guard who quickly rushed onto the stage.
Anfield resident Ms Saker continued to walk around the catwalk even as the protesters were being pulled off stage.
Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Ms Saker said: “I punched her – I didn’t mean to but she grabbed my arm and I just wanted to get her off me.
“I was the 19th girl out of the catwalk and I could hear screaming behind me.
“As she grabbed by arm she lifted by skirt exposing me – I pulled my arm back with such force that I landed a punch square on her nose."
Ms Saker added that despite feeling angry because the protesters had "ruined her favourite show" she continued to model for the rest of the event.
The 18-year-old said she "knew the Scouser in me was bound to come out eventually during fashion week" in a tweet after the incident.
Femen recently came under controversy after 28-year-old male Victor Svyatskiy was 'ousted' as the mastermind behind the group by Australian film maker Kitty Green. Ms Green alleges Mr Svyatskiy hand-picked the most attractive women "because the prettiest girls sell papers."
"The prettiest girls get on the front page... that became their image, that became the way they sold the brand,” she said.

The vast majority of people have become numbed to stories like this.  Some men who look at them might quickly glance at the pictures to see if they can get a cheap thrill, (and they’re always disappointed) but almost no one takes the time to actually read the story.  For the most part, this is a good thing.  Groups like Femen, deserve as little attention and recognition as possible, but it does prevent many from considering an important question:  Why?

Why would members of groups like Femen expose themselves when they consider any type of traditional displays of female nudity to be “the oppression of women”?  If you think about it, the answer is quite obvious.  

Femen is certainly a liberal organization and other liberal groups pull stunts that are just as outrageous, but why do they do such things?  To bring attention to their “cause”?  Perhaps, but other people seem to be able to manage to bring attention to their causes without embarrassing themselves and everyone around them in the process.  Think tea party rallies, or fund raisers to fight diseases like breast cancer or Alzheimer's disease.

The reason why members of liberal groups act so outrageously is because it’s easy.  They don’t have to study, they don’t have to research facts, and they don’t have to come up with a convincing, logical, rationale to support their position.  I’ve been working on this post for about half an hour now, and I’ve already put more time and effort in coming up with an intelligent argument to support my views than the Femen protesters ever do to support their’s.

Not only is acting like a deranged fool easy, it is impossible to objectively determine its effectiveness, so liberal protesters never even have to answer to the people on their own side.  All that matters to them is that they took action.  Whether it actually did any good or even had a negative effect on their cause, does not concern them in the least.  Evaluating outcomes, takes some intellectual effort, and that’s just not in their repertoire.

All of this has given me a new respect for models.  They are more an example of a successful, liberated woman than a Femen protester could ever hope to be. Now granted, their jobs are not as demanding as that of a lumberjack or dairy farmer, but they do have to satisfy the demands of whoever is paying them, and they are in competition with a large number of other candidates who would gladly take their place in a heartbeat. 

 Compare that to liberal protesters, who never face either of these real world demands. The only thing they are capable of doing is complaining. They whine about how unfair the world is like bunch of five year old children.

So I say “Good job!” to the model who punched that stupid, lazy Femen protester in the face.  My only criticism is that she didn’t do it several times.

What's Next? Dead Baby Showers?

from: Life News http://www.lifenews.com/

Abortionist: We Invite Moms to Hold Their Babies After Abortions

A recent interview with late-term abortionist Dr. Susan Robinson has drawn significant attention for some of the ways Robinson attempts to humanize the process of destroying the lives of unborn children in late-term abortions.
Although surveys show women frequently regret their abortions and face a litany of medical and mental health problems following an abortion, Robinson attempts to make women feel better about their decision in a sick and twisted sort of way. From a report on the interview:

Read more  Don’t bother


Just when you thought you’d seen it all.  Can things possibly get any weirder and more perverse?

How to Stop the Violence and End the Horror

Go ahead and accuse me of stealing this from any of the following sites:

But I would like to add this:
Can you see what this means?

Guns are everywhere we all know that, but the only places where there are huge problems with murders and other gun related crimes, are places controlled by by liberals.  The people who claim to be so concerned about gun crime have been barking up the wrong tree!
We don’t need gun control!  What we obviously need is liberal control!  Here’s what we need to do to end the violence:

  1. Declare schools, government buildings, even entire cities, to be liberal free zones.
  2. Require that people submit to background checks and obtain permits before becoming liberals.
  3. Ban certain types of liberalism altogether, like the assault liberalism practiced by Obama, when he attempts to take away our rights by executive order, and when celebrities who don’t know what they’re talking, about speak out against our constitutional rights.
  4. Require a three day waiting period before anyone says or does anything considered to be liberal.
  5. Educate our children about the dangers of liberalism.

I believe this is what we need to do in order to bring liberalism under control.  After such measures were enacted, we would see an end to the violence and horror.  All that would be left of liberalism will be those bitter people who still cling to it.  AND REMEMBER - WE’RE DOING THIS FOR THE CHILDREN.