Watch this video from the 3:00 to the 3:10 mark.  He says the most incredibly stupid thing.  The thing is, this guy's not stupid.  I have watched a lot of his videos.  He usually seems to know what he's talking about, but here, he's suggesting that people tempt the grim reaper.  

The fact that the wheels are still on the ground means nothing.  There's still  about 90% of the weight of the front of that car coming down to crush you if that jack fails.   If the bottom of that car was about 8" off of the ground before it was jacked up, there is going to be about 8" of clearance once the jack is lowered, fails, slides out. tips over, or whatever.  Unless you body is less than 8" thick, you're gonna get crushed.  Even if the crush doesn't kill you, you will be unable to breath with 1000 lbs. on your chest.  Ask anyone who's ever done it with a fat chick on top.

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