It Works Both Ways, Charlie

With each passing day, the anti-Trump crowd appears even more ridiculous.  It's gotten to the point where their actions aren't even worthy of comment.

Hey, Bill Kristol, do you realize that right now, David French is at his very lifetime height of public name recognition?

If any of you reading this, don't know who David French is-  that's my point.  Don't bother Googling him.  It's not worth the time, effort, or your memory capacity. 

Speaking of name recognition and memory capacity, ask anyone you know who is not actively following U.S. politics, if they ever even heard of any of "prominent" anti-Trump-ers.  Once again, that's my point.  I guarantee, they all know who Trump is.  They knew who he was, decades ago.

The anti-Trump-ers are like gnats on a wet dog or flies on a cow, irritating, but insignificant and totally incapable of directing the action or movement of the much larger, more powerful organism, other than provoking the occasional chomp at, or swat from a tail.  If anything, the anti-Trump insects cause many otherwise indifferent onlookers to sympathize with and support the larger life form.

As I said before, the problem I have with anti-Trump-ers is that all of their criticisms of Trump can just as easily be applied to any of the other candidates, either present or past.  In other words, I have never heard the give any credible evidence that Trump is any worse than whoever they currently or previously support(ed).

The same goes for the ant-Trump-er's criticisms of Trump supporters.  They'll either come right out and say, or try to imply that Trump fans are stupid.  Check out this video of Charlie Sykes "warning" people to beware:  If you choose to support Trump, you must also embrace everything associated with him. (Including all the bullshit that he and other anti-Trumpers said about him.  Never mind whether it's been proven untrue) 

Well Charlie, I suppose it works both ways, so I'm warning all you anti-Trumpers (You know, cause I'm so concerned with your well-being.), that if you embrace the things that anti-Trumpers like Charlie says, you also embrace all things anti-Trump like in the video below:

Everyday, support for Trump grows.  You can see it in the endorsements he receives and his rising poll numbers compared to Clinton.  This also necessarily means that everyday, the support for the #nevertrump movement dwindles.  

Why don't all you anti-Trumpers just admit that you lost, shut up and go home?

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