I challenge you...

...to come up with the name of someone who has been wrong:

  • more quickly
  • more often
  • more consistently
  • and more completely
than Milwaukee conservative talk radio host, Jay Weber, concerning Donald Trump.

He may want to consider quitting his job, and taking up some career that doesn't involve making predictions.

Here's the latest example: (Jay has said over and over that Trump will never have higher poll numbers than Hillary.)
source: The Last Refuge

‘Splodey Head Alert – Oregon Poll: Donald Trump 53%, Hillary Clinton 26% (Independents)…

Oh my.  A recent Clout Research poll from the State of Oregon (full pdf below), not exactly well known as a bastion of all things republican, shows candidate Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton 44 to 42%.
However, with Independent Voters, Donald Trump is CRUSHING Hillary Clinton by 27 points 53% to 26%.   The Monster Vote effect:
2 candidate trump vs clinton Oregon Poll
In addition to the 27 point lead with independent voters, Donald Trump also has a 13 point advantage with male voters – and the deficit with female voters is only 9 points.
Oh dear.  More media narratives fizzling like cheap bottle rockets….  *pop*


  1. I'm not familiar with your local talk shows, but on the national scene, Glenn Beck is still beating the NeverTrump drum. Loser.

    B Woodman

    1. Check out the blog "The Real Revo". It's on my blogroll. They're still on the anti-Trump crazy train. Other than that however, I agree with almost everything else they have to say.