The People Who Will Give Trump the Presidency

Author's note:  No proofreading here.  Ain't got time for that shit.
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Since I stole all but the bottom three images from The Last Refuge, I figured I'd better at least give them a link to another one of their great posts.  


Have you noticed that the harder the anti-Trump movement tries to stop him, the better Trump seems to be doing?  I believe that much of Trump's recent success is not in spite of them, but because of them.

Trump really cleaned up back East, and all those pictured above's wet dreams of a brokered convention are quickly beginning to fade.

Things looked pretty bleak for Trump about a month ago, after the Wisconsin primary. All the Wisconsin conservative talk radio show hosts were patting themselves on the back, taking credit for it, and maybe, just maybe, they deserved it.  This was after all, a primary election, where the vast majority of people who voted for a Republican candidate, were themselves Republicans.  Many of those voters at least occasionally listen to these hosts.  

Since announcing his candidacy, almost all of the Wisconsin conservative talk radio show hosts have been all in' on the anti-Trump movement, and after the primary these hosts were all were commenting on the wisdom and independence of the Wisconsin voters.  You know, the ones who helped elect Obama, twice.

Maybe Wisconsin Republican voters are wise, but they certainly are not independent, at least not when compared to those in eastern states.  Wisconsinites lack the "F--- You, nobody's gonna tell me what to do" attitude for which the people of those states are famous.  

Wisconsin Republicans just ate up everything their local radio show hosts had to say, and they were really no different than those who were giving them their marching orders. 

Let me describe my job to you in simplest terms:  It's probably no different than your's - I have to do what my boss tells me what I have to do.  My thoughts and opinions do not enter the equation.
The Wisconsin conservative talk radio show hosts are just doing what they are told to do.  Mark Belling, Charlie Sykes, Jay Weber, and all the others are just saying what Clear Channel Radio, E.W. Scripps, or whoever signs their paychecks, tells them to say.  It has to be that way.  Would you, pay someone to say things that you disagreed with over the air?

The Wisconsin conservative talk radio show hosts are guilty of something I've heard them all accuse others of doing before.  They started off with a preconceived notion, (Trump is a clown, buffoon, unqualified, etc.) never questioned the validity of that notion, and continuously attempted to support it.  The problem with this is, if your preconceived notion is incorrect, almost all of your conclusions based upon that notion will be incorrect as well.  It's funny how Belling, Sykes, Weber, and the rest could not see this in themselves.  On the other hand, it's hardest to see your own mistakes.  I'm sure I've made many spelling and grammatical errors writing this piece, but can I see them?  Hell no. ( I think I'm going to use this for an excuse not to proofread this.  Errors be damned, you'll know what I'm trying to say)

This is the reason that the Wisconsin conservative radio talk show hosts have made the following predictions:
  • Trump will never poll above 30, 35,40,45 50%
  • Trump will implode and fade away by August, September, October, November, December, January.  They finally gave up on that one.
  • Trump will never win a significant number of primaries.
  • Trump will never have higher poll numbers that his combined competitors.
And it's also why these predictions are looking less and less likely to be correct.
  • Trump not be the Republican nominee.
  • Trump will never get 1237 delegates.
  • There will be a brokered convention and Trump will not emerge as the nominee. 
  • Trump could never beat Hillary in the general election.
  • Trump would be an awful president.
What may have worked in Wisconsin, isn't working elsewhere.  Voters see through the anti-Trump movement and realize the interests of the anti-Trump crowd are not even close to the same as their own.  It has gotten to the point where #Never Trump only strengthens Trump and adds to his numbers.

Of course the Wisconsin conservative talk radio show hosts may have always known that they started off with an incorrect, preconceived notion about Trump.  They may have been just doing their jobs, you know - doing what they're told to do.  

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