I might be anti-Trump too if I was paid to be.

Why are so many conservative pundits, journalists, bloggers, etc. so anti-Trump?  

Why have they been fighting harder against him than I have ever seen them fight against any Democrat?

What do they have to lose by at least being fair to Trump?  They all have supported Republican candidates in the past who did not win the nomination.  It's not like their pay depends upon backing or trashing any particular candidate - or maybe it does. 

source: The Last Tradition

Radio Trump bashers Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson revealed to have financial ties to GOP Establishment

Daily Caller reports the next time you hear Mark Levin on the radio, or watch Glenn Beck on TV, or read Erick Erickson, RedState.com on the Internet, you might just ask yourself who is paying for the message?  And why is it so stridently anti-Trump?

Don’t fool yourself. They’re doing it for the money.

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  1. Well that is certainly interesting. I guess that explains Glenn Cucks doucheness toward Ron Paul years ago. I wonder where all those Constitutionalist were when RP was running? Hmmmm......

    1. Yes. Chances are that the anti-Trump people are of the same force that never allowed Ron Paul to gain any traction.