Do you think this guy is a troll?

For his sake, I hope he is.

I watch a lot of videos on YouTube that focus on the upcoming economic collapse.  Not because I long for the apocalypse, not because I relish the pain and misery.  I watch them desperately hoping that I can come up with anything where the makers of such videos are wrong.  Believe me, I hope, above and beyond all of my other hopes that they are wrong, and I welcome any responses from any of you, telling me that they are.

There is a difference between what I hope and what I think.  I think that they are correct.  How can an economic collapse not occur when we are currently facing:

  • a $20 trillion and growing national debt?
  • hyperinflation of our currency?
  • unchecked immigration?
  • Islamic terrorism?
  • the brink of war in the Middle East?
  • a stock market that is 70% overvalued?
  • a federal government unwilling to control expenses?
  • nearly every economic indicator says it's coming except for those that have been manipulated by our government, like unemployment and the CPI?
Anyway I was watching the Global Economic News, which was reposting a video by the SGT Report, and came across this comment:

I know not what an asset, bubble nor derivatives are. Me and my friends hung out at downtown cigar bars back in 2008 mocking all those white collars who were complaining about the economic "disaster". Everything was just A-OK for me! I never noticed any difference in anything back in 2008. And FYI, I could live more than comfortably off of $2,000.00USDA a month. I wish I made that much. These guys talking are filthy rich and completely disconnected from humanity.   

Now, do you think this guy is a troll?  For his sake, I hope he is.  If he is not he better learn what assets, bubbles and derivatives are.

It really doesn't matter if this guy is a troll or not.  His comment reflects the thinking of the majority of Americans.  Most people have heard about the possibility of an upcoming collapse but make a conscious effort to remain ignorant of its probability and danger. How will they not be swept away?

You may be tempted to say,"Big deal, I have prepared for it", but many of these people are your friends, relatives, and neighbors.  People you care about.  People you will have to witness suffering, and even worse, deny mercy if and when the collapse occurs.  This is not going to be fun, even for those of us who have prepared for it.

If there is not a good probability of an upcoming economic collapse, why are there so few stories/videos refuting it?  I understand that bad news sells better than good, but have a look for yourself.  It's easier to find stories/videos that claim the earth is flat that it is to find ones that say "Don't worry about the economy. Everything's going to be just fine."

I also understand that many of the people writing these stories and making these videos are trying to sell you something or just trying to promote themselves, but what if they're right?

Once again, I encourage any of you to send me a comment/link telling me that I am wrong.  I will gladly read and consider it, and the more convincing it is, the gladder I will be.

One last thing for those of you who are like me (charter members of the Chicken Little fan club), my favorite doom and gloom YouTube channel is the X22 Report. 



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