It's Time to Admit I was Wrong

After an entire adult life of opposing and criticizing the anti-war movement, I have finally come to the realization that I was wrong.

Regardless of their motives, they were right, and I was wrong.

I was wrong, not just about the recent wars in the Middle East, not just about Vietnam.  NONE of the wars that the U.S. has been involved in since the turn of the twentieth century can be justified.  They resulted only in a monumental loss of life, capital, and in the end, FREEDOM.  I started to become suspicious of this during the last ten years, Donald Trump making the point that removing Saddam Hussein only served to destabilize the Middle East makes total sense in retrospect, and the video below really opened my eyes.  We are ALL worse off as a result of these wars and we lost much of what we claimed to be fighting for. 

I say we sit out the next war, even if it seems like entering it would be in our national interests.  We've been wrong on that too many times in the past 100 years to risk it.


  1. Hey Neil;

    I hate to disagree with you on some of them....The Cold war was necessary, as was my war Desert Storm. Vietnam we should have stayed out of. Korea was legitimate, in 1950 Korea was south of the 38 parallel was demilitarized. the Soviets had other ideas. Most of the wars in the new millennium was not justified, we started Afghanistan the right way.special forces but went conventional and mission creep...Iraq should have been left alone...with Saddam there, he counter balanced Iran. We should have left Libya alone and stayed out of Syria....let them kill each other off.

    1. The Cold War was anything but a conventional war, so it doesn't even fit into the argument.

      My father was an army officer in the Korean conflict, and he once told me something that forever made me believe that we should have NEVER have been there. He passed away without me ever asking if it would be OK if I ever passed along the information, so I won't bother to explain why. If it means me losing that part of the argument, so be it.

      We came out OK in the first Gulf War in terms of casualties, money and time spent. It's the aftermath that is costing us to this day. That's the main problem I have with many of our past wars. Watch the video I posted.