The century of "Oh, that's why."

The twenty first century will be a period of cultures relearning what for thousands of years, had been taken for granted as indisputable truths.

You remember asking yourself, “Why do I have follow these stupid instructions?” and a voice inside your head responds in a defeated tone, “Oh, that’s why.”

                                                         Golden Geese News 1/27/13

The video below is about how feminism will destroy the western world, but it's easy enough to find compelling, rational arguments why any attack on traditional western values can lead to our downfall.

The reason anything ever became a traditional value in the first place was to prevent the downfall of a civilization. 

Traditional values and morals are nothing more than results of societies experimenting by trial and error.  Ideas and actions that led to a civilization's demise were discarded and became taboo.  Ideas that helped make a society strong, became morals, values, and laws.  

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