Three videos that will tell you everything you need to know about the state of our economy

In this video clip, Cuba Gooding Jr. represents  most American's confidence in the Fed's ability to actually control the economy, and Sean Connery represents real world market forces:

In this second clip, the storm represents what many people see as the upcoming economic collapse.  Bill Paxton lets us know that the word "upcoming" is the wrong adjective.

And in this last video, Captain Capitalism explains where we are, how we got that way, and how we're all fucked and there's nothing we can do about it.


  1. Wages have certainly stagnated even if your a college graduate in a STEM major. I recall starting at $41k in '99 out of college; that number punched into an inflation calculator is now at $56k or so. Unless you have some esoteric technical skill, you are not doing that much better even with a few years experience.

  2. When you factor in paying off a large student loan, plus the fact that a student doesn't have an income for an additional four years, it's hard to make the case for getting a college education in economic terms alone, and that applies to people who majored in worthwhile fields. Imagine how bad things are for people who majored something like music, art history, or women's studies. Captain Capitalism's (Aaron Clarey) book "WORTHLESS", is a must read for any student planning on attending college.

  3. The quality of available jobs has gone straight into the shitter too, in my opinion. There's no such thing as a pension anymore, there's no stability, and if you say the wrong thing and are overheard by some fat feminist slag or vibrant you can get fired and blacklisted. Personally I think it's getting worse too...

    1. And you can't quit because there aren't any other jobs available. Things are much tougher than most people either realize or care to admit.

  4. This is near around Victoria, TX southwwest of Houston about an hour or so. And its a government job at that. A security guard that is 21, passes pee test, and is not a criminal can get $12/hour. Yay! for Education.

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    Valid Texas Driver License.

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    Salary Range: $14.75 - $28.75


    Job Type: Full-time

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