The difference between government and private enterprise

Check this our from IOTW Report
Rates raised after Monterey Peninsula 

conserves too much water

KSBW: MONTEREY, Calif. —The Central Coast of California has done a great job conserving water during the drought, and now water users could be asked to pay for it.
California American Water has lost millions in revenue because of conservation, and now it wants to raise rates to make up for the deficit.
At a workshop Thursday Cal Am explained how the new bill could look to unhappy customers in attendance.

Read more.  I mean it this time.  Click the link, read the whole thing, and watch the video.
Hey Bernie Sanders supporters, this story explains in a nutshell, why socialism always eventually fails.

Can anyone even imagine a private enterprise being able to get away with, or even suggest doing something like this?  Just raise your prices until you can turn a profit. Think of all the forgotten companies like Studebaker and Montgomery Wards, that could still be in business.  Of course, we consumers would be paying a lot more.

Aren't you glad that companies that can't turn a profit in the free market are forced to go out of business and replaced by more efficient ones that can?

Don't you wish that government agencies were forced to operate within the constraints of competition and the free market?  



  1. Hahahahahahahaha! There is a city along the coast in South Texas which did the same thing. They had been pushing water conservation for years and when it finally started working and revenues dropped, they wanted to charge more. Man, people were PO'd! :LOL:


    1. That's the government for ya. Just like when they say they have to raise gas taxes because people have been buying more fuel efficient cars or propose a mileage tax so they can get their fingers in the pockets of people who own electric vehicles.

      Government's incompetence is surpassed only by it's greed.