Why aren't Bernie Sanders and Russ Feingold Praising Trump?

After all, they're the ones saying that we've got to get big money out of politics.

Trump's spending less money than anyone!

Source: The Washington Post

Donald Trump’s extremely fiscally conservative campaign
Update: A new Quinnipiac poll, released Wednesday morning, shows Trump getting a little bump and now leading the national race at 27 percent. Bush takes 5 percent. Last month, Trump was at 24 percent and Bush at 4 percent. The original post follows.
Donald Trump has spent less than 1 percent as much money as Jeb Bush on ads so far in the 2016 election, according to calculations made by NBC News, even as the real estate mogul continues to lap the former Florida governor in both key early state and national polls.
Jeb and his aligned Right to Rise super PAC have dropped $28.9 million on TV ads to Trump's $217,000 on a flight of radio ads.  That spending chasm is almost the inverse of where each man stands in the race -- with Trump alone at the top and Jeb mired in the murky middle.
Could it be that they don't really mean what they say?  Could it be that they really mean is that they just want to strangle the sources from which money for Republican candidates/causes flow?  I haven't heard a word from them about George Soros.
If they really meant what they said, they'd be telling everyone to vote for Trump!

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