To all those who say that Trump was wrong about Muslims celebrating attacks on the World Trade Center...

I understand that there is nothing I can do to make you think otherwise.  Even a video of it isn't going to change your mind. 

It happened a long time ago, news stories get lost, memories become faded and get distorted.  

What would we be saying right now if all the events of 9/11 and its immediate aftermath, happened this year rather than in 2001?  Who do you think most of the citizens of this country would believe?  Trump, or the people who say he is lying?

Well 9/11 happened when it did, and we can't go back in time to rewitness what actually occurred, but we can do this.

Google "Muslims celebrating Paris Attacks", and you will find hundreds of stories that confirm such a thing happened, many times and in many places.  That, along with a clear memory of the recent past, will go a long way towards convincing anyone (even liberals) that many Muslims did indeed celebrate the attacks in Paris.  It cannot be denied.

Now, are we supposed to believe that many Muslims celebrated the Paris attacks but none celebrated the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11?  Why would they do that?  Have Muslims become worse in the last fourteen years?   Did they feel that the Paris attacks were helpful to their cause but the attacks on 9/11 weren't?

What scenario can anyone come up with where Muslims would celebrate the Paris attacks but not celebrate what happened on 9/11?  I'd love to hear it.  I know I'd laugh at it.

Trump is going to win the presidency and here's why:  Whatever Trump says, liberals automatically disagree with without ever stopping to think whether whatever Trump said correct or factual. Then, they get themselves into the position of being too far in to back down, and have on other option but to let the issue fade away and be replaced by the next news cycle.  

The problem for the left is that it all ends up with just one more issue on the record where Trump was right and they were wrong.  How many times will the left be willing to go through this before they realize that they have just been making Trump stronger?

Even though Trump has a reputation of speaking off the cuff, I promise you that all of his major points have been carefully considered by him and many intelligent advisers, long before he makes them in public.  He's not winging this whole thing nearly as much as he wants us to believe.

That means that most of what Trump says is factual and can stand up to scrutiny. It has to be.  Otherwise Trump would have faded away long ago.  All this means that if you dispute Trump, you are probably not only going to lose, you are going to make yourself look foolish.

Years ago, in past election cycles, the left and right were arguing hypothetically, about things that had not, but could happen.  This time around, we're dealing with stuff that people remember.  Things in which we have already seen the causes and effects, either here or abroad.  Terrorism, unchecked immigration, out of control national debt, and in this particular case, Muslims celebrating terrorist attacks.

So go ahead lefties, just keep saying that Trump is lying about Muslims celebrating 9/11.  You're just digging yourselves a little deeper.

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