Major League Deja Vu

Something about this story seems so familiar.

Isn't campaign spying (even if done by one's subordinates), an offense so serious that makes an incumbent (let alone an candidate), unfit to hold the office of the presidency?

Hasn't a particular presidential candidate had problems in the past with electronic security?

source: Politico

Clinton goes for the jugular after data breach

The front-runner prepped for a policy discussion, but after the data breach, she’s ready for a different kind of debate.

Victim of Hillary Clinton's
electronic security
Bernie Sanders

In a shift of strategy hours before the third Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton’s campaign went for Bernie Sanders’ jugular, accusing his team of stealing valuable campaign data, misrepresenting what happened and inflicting “damage here that cannot be undone.”
The offensive came after the Sanders camp admitted its staffers reviewed, searched and saved data from Clinton’s voter file made accessible briefly Wednesday because of a data breach -- and it represented a complete shift of tone in the Democratic race where the hits have remained impersonal and focused on the issues.

Shouldn't this one story disqualify both of these candidates in the minds of the American people?

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