Grudge Report Update 12/21/15

It is simply amazing to me how well Trump is doing in spite of the fact that seemingly all of the conservative media is against him.  Imagine how well he'd be doing if they all supported him.

Substance, schmubstance

I swear, that if I hear one more person say that Trump's rhetoric "lacks substance", I'll scream.

We've been hearing this criticism since the start of his campaign from every one the "conservative" Trump bashers.  These people have the fewest original thoughts of any group of human beings on the planet.  They just repeat what they've heard elsewhere:
  • Trump's finished
  • Trump has plateaued 
  • Trump will implode
  • Trump is behind Carson Cruz in Iowa, he's in trouble now!

It's always the same, and so far, they have always been wrong.

"Lacks substance", who even talks like that in real life?  When was the last time in a normal conversation, you have heard anyone say something like, "You know Joe, what you just said there lacks substance."  Never heard any normal person say anything like that, have you?  Real people don't talk that way.

Real people talk like Donald Trump.  They might say something like: 

"Conservative radio talk show hosts who are trying to destroy Trump are so stupid, so stupid."


"Everyone knows that what all candidates say on the campaign trail, 'lacks substance'.  There is never time to get too specific, plus the candidate runs the risk of boring the audience with details and makes him or her more vulnerable to criticism of such details.  All candidates operate this way.  Everyone knows that.  Conservative Trump bashers are so dishonest, so dishonest."   

Here's some advice for all you "conservative" Trump bashing, morons:  Try coming up with something ORIGINAL the next time you try to run Trump down.  What do you have to lose?  You've been wrong parroting other Trump bashers every time, so far.

I'm adding Milwaukee conservative talk radio stations WISN and WTMJ to the Grudge Report.  Not just the hosts, but the entire stations.  I was listening to Dan O'Donnell, who was filling in for Vicki McKenna today, spewing the regular anti-Trump bullshit when a caller made an excellent point.

The caller pointed out that while the host had once again, made a point that Trump was not a "real conservative", the Republicans in congress had just given away the store, proving they they weren't any more conservative than Trump.

I couldn't believe the host's response.  He said that while he didn't agree with what the Republicans are doing on Capitol Hill, essentially giving money to the Democrats - Trump is every bit as bad as they are because in the past, he DONATED money to the Democrats and has a record of supporting some liberal causes.

Excuse me, Dan, but there's YUUUUUUGE difference.  Trump was donating HIS OWN MONEY.  Republicans in congress are giving away OUR MONEY.  There's no comparison between the two.  Trump can give his own money to anyone he wants to.

Furthermore, if saying that because someone supported Democrats and liberal causes in the past means that there is no possible way such a person could ever become a conservative, then why are these conservative talk show hosts even on the air?  I thought their jobs were to convince people to adopt a conservative point of view, but if their criticism of Trump is valid, that means that NO ONE who has ever held any liberal views, or supported Democrats in the past, can ever become a conservative.  If that's true, all of the conservative Trump bashers should quit their jobs right now.  What good can they possibly do?

Us realistic conservatives don't need cheerleaders.  Trump has got us fired up enough already.  How about you conservative radio talk show hosts start trying to convince some undecideds to support the Republican front runner?  Start using your heads.  If
Trump is doing so much better with Republican voters than the other Republican candidates, wouldn't it make sense that he would also do better with the undecideds?

That's the way it is here in Wisconsin.  Are conservative radio talk show hosts in other states, just as bad?

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