Shut up, Roll Call

I'm sick of you guys grasping at straws.

“If Trump wins the Republican nomination, something bad could happen!!!!”
                        - Roll Call

source: Elect Hillary Association, I mean, Roll Call

Donald Trump Could Swing the Senate | Opinion

Imagine, for a moment, the once unthinkable scenario that Washington Republicans are beginning to contemplate:  The GOP convention in Cleveland with Donald Trump as the nominee. 
After Melania Trump and the Trump kids get prime time spots to talk about how The Donald will make America great again, every Republican senator and Senate nominee will get a turn at the podium to talk about the Republican Party and its new leader, Donald Trump.
New Hampshire’s Sen. Kelly Ayotte describes the “beautiful wall” coming between the U.S. and Mexico. Sen. Rob Portman talks about waterboarding, which Trump has endorsed with a “you bet your ass I would!”  Sen. Ron Johnson defends the constitutionality of Trump’s call to surveil certain mosques, and Sen. Rand Paul reminisces about Trump making fun of his hair and height.
It’s not going to happen that way, of course. Every candidate except Portman, who represents Ohio, would find a “scheduling conflict” to avoid the awkwardness. But the prospect of otherwise strong swing-state Republicans having to get elected or re-elected with Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket becomes more real every day.
A Trump-topped ticket is a mouthwatering prospect for Democrats, especially when it comes to retaking control of the Senate. And if Hillary Clinton can win the presidency, which Democrats seem to believe a Trump nomination would almost guarantee, Democrats would only need to retake four seats, not five, to win control of the Senate.
Read more.  Don't bother.

“Yeah, and monkeys could fly out of my butt”
                         - Wayne Campbell

Trump bashers - They’ll do anything to try and scare people into voting for someone else, no matter how far fetched it may be, which proves they got nothing.

There’s something wrong here.  Supporting your party’s clear front runner seems like a no brainer, and I am extremely suspicious of anyone who doesn’t.
What’s the reason for all the anti-Trump rhetoric from the right?  Check out The Last Refuge.  Their explanation appears to be more complete and logical than anyone else’s.


  1. This guy makes some good points as well. It is clear the GOPe won't accept him.

    1. The GOPe is desperate right now but it may be too late for them to do anything about it. If Muslims ARE responsible for the shootings in San Bernardino,(and right now, as of 10 pm Wednesday night, it is looking more and more as if that is the case) homeland security becomes the only issue voters care about and Trump wins the Republican nomination and then, the presidential election by a landslide.