Happy Thanksgiving...

Author's note:  Gotta go to Thanksgiving dinner.  No time to proofread.  I probably didn't make any mistakes anyway. (ha, ha!)

...oh yeah, and let the holiday wars begin.

Check out this news story and video.
'Cause, you know, 'cause some cop killed some guy.  Don't ya see the connection?

There's one thing you can say about today's protesters.  They make the '60's war protesters look reasonable and on focused on the subject by comparison.

You may not have been there yourself, pulling the lights off of this tree, but if you aren't actively spreading the word about what these (and other protesters like them) really are, you are at least partially at fault.

These protesters are pieces of shit and here's why:

OK, some cop kills some guy so now these idiots think it's a good idea to destroy Christmas decorations.  

Besides being totally unrelated to the issue in anyway, it proves that these people are lower in class, lower in intelligence, and lower in almost any positive attribute than anyone who came before them.

Believe it or not, we have had some national and international conflicts that were far more important than a few (maybe bad) cops shooting a few (definitely bad) guys, all without any people on either side resorting to destroying things meant to inspire people on either side with joy and goodwill.

The Civil War lasted from 1861 through 1865.  That time period includes four Christmas seasons, and never have I heard of either Yankees, Rebels, or any of their supporters destroying the other side's Christmas decorations, let alone destroying the decorations put in place by a party that had nothing to do with the conflict.

 The Chicago policeman, and police department may be guilty of wrongdoing, but I assure the Chicago Parks Department (or whatever agency is responsible for the city's holiday decorations) had nothing to do with any of this.

During 1914, the British and German soldiers proclaimed a Christmas day truce.

Think about that.  It was these men's jobs and responsibilities to kill each other, but even they realized that some ideas were of more importance than themselves or even what they were fighting for.

Compare the people that fought in and endured real conflicts in the past to today's protesters in Chicago and elsewhere.  The people living through WWII and earlier conflicts had real reasons to fear and hate their enemies.  Their lives, countries, and way of life were on the line.  Most of the people involved in today's protests are not directly involved (if they are law abiding citizens) in and don't even care about what they claim to be protesting.  

  The followers care only about themselves, by satisfying whatever primordial urge that vandalism satisfies. A lady in the accompanying video says "I just want the unnecessary killing to stop."  If that were true, why isn't she out protesting everyday over the murders that occur in the city each day?  No, it's only important to her when there's a big crowd out to cause trouble. 

The leaders care only about destroying our country and American culture as we know it, and that's the whole reason for the liberal attacks on Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other American institutions.

What can you do about it?  Start calling the vandals what they really are.  They have no excuses for what they do.  They are pieces of shit.

Was all this a little too serious for you on a day when you want to just relax and enjoy yourself?  Check out this blast from the past. 


  1. How about calling those despised police officers and having the light vandal arrested. The 1st amendment said right to peacefuly assemble and petition the government. It didnt say burn down whatever city you live in.

    1. Agreed. And while a particular officer might be guilty of murder, he should get the punishment he deserves, but we cannot afford to condemn entire police departments because the result will be chaos.