Grudge Report Update 11/03/15

 You might have noticed that I finally got around to putting up my email address so you all can send me the names of Trump bashing weenies posing as conservatives.  Take the time tell me who you think should be added to the list and why.

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Here's another example of wishful thinking of Trump bashers.  They'll try to come up with any scenario where Trump might quit or fade away.  Keep wishing dudes.  Last weeks Iowa polls anomaly ain't gonna be it.  These guys think they're so smart.  They're idiots.  Can you think of anything stupider than trying to sabotage your party's clear front runner?  Especially when that front runner has the best chance of beating the Democratic nominee. 

Also: Got a few more new names for the Grudge Report. 

Grudge Report

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National Review
Roll Call

The Club for Growth


George Will
Glenn Beck
Megyn Kelly - Fox News
Bill Kristol
Karl Rove
Marc A. Thiessen - Washington Post
Jonah Goldberg - National Review
Peter Wehner - Commentary Magazine
Kevin D.Williamson - National Review
Erick Erickson - Red State
John Podhoretz - Commentary magazine
Nathan L. Gonzales - Roll Call
David Brooks - New York Times


Charlie Sykes - WTMJ Milwaukee, radio talk show host
Jay Weber - WISN Milwaukee, radio talk show host


Red State
Matt Walsh

Beginning to see the light

Chris Wallace -Fox News

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