When will George Will finally admit he was wrwawa?

By now, it should be clear to everyone that I am a Trump supporter, and while I won't rest easy until after he wins the 2016 election, that doesn't mean that I can't eagerly await a few milestones that are now, all but destined to be reached, and relish them as they occur.

It is going to be particularly enjoyable to watch the anti-Trump conservative candidates flipflop, one by one, as they realize that they can no longer disparage Trump without hurting the Republican cause.  Who will be the first to give in?  Who will be the last holdout?  How will each of them go about it?  Will any of them be able to admit they were wrwawa?

Sick of all the anti-Trump bullshit?  Rush Limbaugh probably the fairest to Trump of all the conservative commentators.  Here's one of the best blogs to see some fair and honest reporting on Trump.  

The Last Refuge


BOOM ! Trump Dominates Amid Republican Primary Voters – CBS Poll: Trump Is “The Most Electable” Candidate…

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CBS has another National Poll reflecting Donald Trump with a substantive lead over the entire field of GOP candidates (Full Poll pdf below).  However, beyond the leading support 
numbers Republican Primary Voters were asked this question:

Q17. Regardless of how you intend to vote in 2016, which one of these Republican presidential candidates do you think has the best chance of winning the general election in November  2016?

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