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Some say that the political process in the United States is rigged.  Well, that may or may not be true, but what is definitely rigged is who makes it onto major news aggregating sites.  Everyday, I run across articles on Bad Blue that I wouldn't put up on my blog if I wrote them myself.   

Below is a great example.  It's a weak piece, not even worthy of a liberal college newspaper.  It does however, unwittingly point out how conservatives lose to liberals, not just in elections, but on social issues, and defending our own from attack.

source: Red State

Donald Trump Eaten by Giant African Lion

Funny Huh?  OK I admit it.  I changed the photo.
DES MOINES (AP) – In a shocking and horrifying development, a Donald Trump campaign event in Iowa was interrupted when the Republican front runner was swallowed whole by a giant African lion that had wandered onstage, seemingly out of nowhere.
For their part, Trump supporters seem unfazed by the news. A Drudge Poll taken just minutes after the shocking event found that by a 61-39 margin, Drudge readers believed that Trump won the exchange with the lion. One Trump supporter who agreed to be interviewed for this story stated, “We are sick and tired of the GOPe telling us who we should and should not support in this election. I have read the Constitution, unlike most of the Republican establishment, and nowhere in it does it say the candidate has to be alive, or that being eaten by a giant African lion disqualifies you from becoming President. We still believe that Trump will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and if anyone tells us that Trump can’t because he’s dead, we know these are just lies spun by Karl Rove.”

OK, I get it, I get it.  Trump didn’t really get eaten by a lion.  Leon’s just trying to demonstrate how stupid Trump supporters are because they don’t just abandon him in droves each time we hear some negative news about him.  Clever, very clever.  If we were all as smart as you, Leon, Republicans would never lose an election, right?  Right?

Well, Leon, maybe, just maybe, you’re too smart for your (and all other conservatives’) own good.  If Hillary and Bernie’s supporters acted the way you want conservatives to act, I suppose any of the Republican presidential candidates could win the election in 2016.  But you know what?  Democrats aren't acting that way and they never have.  Even their candidates don’t act that way, as shown by Bernie Sanders when he chose not to crucify Hillary when he had the chance in the first Democratic debate.
Democrats either support their front runner, or at the very least, avoid trying to destroy him or her.  It’s for the good of the party and for all Democratic voters who believe that any Democrat (even if it isn’t their first choice)  is better in the White House than a Republican.  To put simply, Democrats are smarter than Leon and any other conservative who is trying to destroy the Republican front runner.

For years, even decades, I have been hearing people saying that the Republicans need someone who can reach more voters than just the Republican base.  Donald Trump is just that. He’s getting support from people and groups that rarely, if ever even considered supporting a Republican.

Then there’s the charisma thing.  George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.  Does anyone remember any of these guys getting a crowd excited?  If someone can’t even get a crowd of supporters worked up, how could they ever expect to get any undecided voters?  Trump has by far, more potential to get the votes people who do not consider themselves hard core conservatives than any other Republican candidate.  He also has the best chance of getting votes of people who normally stay home on election day.

I found this video at The Last Refuge 
and just couldn't wait to post it.
I also think this would be a great
Trump fight song.

Any true conservative is gonna need a boat load of charisma in order to win a presidential election these days, and even the supporters of all the other GOP presidential candidates would have to admit that Trump is the only one in the Republican field who has it.  Some say that Trump isn’t a true conservative and while that may or may not be true, that in itself, is worth tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of the undecideds votes.  Oddly enough, the accusation that Trump is not a true conservative is a net positive for conservatives if they believe that any Republican in the White House is better than a Democrat.

Maybe the reason people accuse Trump of not being a true conservative is because he has something most conservatives lack - a spine.  He doesn’t back down and neither do his supporters.  Up until now this was a trait shown only by liberals, and this goes beyond elections.  Liberals rarely get banished from the spotlight regardless of what they do.  If this wasn’t true we wouldn’t have heard from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton in decades.  Having a child as the result of an affair, not paying your taxes, it doesn’t matter, because their supporters, support them no matter what. Unwavering support is the most valuable asset a politician or other public figure can have. Just ask Bill Clinton.

The same is true with conservative versus liberal causes.  The liberals fight and continue to fight for their causes.  Despite the occasional setback, they never give up.  Compare that to conservatives who tend to abandon their causes as soon as the winds of public sentiment seem to be blowing against them.  Just ask Phil Robertson.

Stupid conservatives could learn some things from, Trump supporters, liberals, and Vince Lombardi.  When it comes to politics, elections, and social issues, winning isn’t everything.  It’s the only thing.

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