Quick word on Republican debate before I go to bed.

Winners:  Republican Candidates, audience

Losers: Debate Moderators

Interesting notes: 

I never heard the national debt mentioned once during the Democratic debate and I heard it mentioned at least 20 times tonight.  That alone should be enough to convince anyone which party is more serious about the well being of this country.

Seemed like all the moderators were trying to play gotcha with the candidates.  I didn't see any of this during the Democratic debate.  Many of the candidates (Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina, Trump), and the audience noticed this too.

No where near as many questions for Trump this time.  Maybe the MSM is starting to learn that attacking Trump just makes him stronger.

Hard for me to say who won.  I think Trump did just fine, especially with his closing statement.  It was easy to pick who did the worst - Jeb.


  1. I did not watch it, I may look up some clips later. However, I have to politely disagree with you about the issue of national debt. If Team R were really serious, they would have already abolished a number of government agencies and closed by the hundreds the unnecessary military bases.

    Team R had a number of opportunities over the years with significant majorities and nothing got better. There are some humble okay congressman, but they are too few to affect anything in a positive way.

    I don't have hard proof, but in the end, I'm guessing the Federal Reserve will have to extinguish some of that debt if they own it considering whatever passes for ownership these days. From a mathematical perspective, this stuff cannot be paid off.

    1. You cannot disagree with me because I agree with everything you say. You are 100% correct when you say that the Republicans have not been serious enough about dealing with our national debt.

      What I said above was, with the information gleaned from watching the Republican and Democratic debates, it should be clear to anyone that the Republicans are more serious about the well being of our country than the Democrats.

      Yes, the math does look bleak. Yes, we will probably fail as a nation because of it, but I believe that if we have any chance at all, it is with the Republicans. Also, I believe that any Republican president will be better than a Democrat and Trump has the best chance of beating the Democrat. That is why I wish people who call themselves Republicans/conservatives would quit bashing Trump.

  2. Okay, I hear what you are saying. The national debt and deficit are one of those issues they liked to blather about but do nothing when they have the obvious means to do so.

    I'm only registered Republican because of Ron Paul but yeah I will probably vote Trump on the primary just to see him shiv the establishment bastards. I can only hope he at least tries to follow through on some of the rest of what he days.

    1. That's all we can hope with anyone. Trump, with his connections, reputation of aura of intimidation, and ego, will go a long way towards him being able to accomplish what he says he's going to do. If he fails, he will forever have the reputation of being a failure. I don't think that he would be able to stand that. Therefore, I believe that he will do everything in his power to come through with his promises.