It's Monday! What Happened With John Kerry's Ultimatum?

Anybody?  Anybody?  Beuller?  Beuller?

The answer is: nothing, as far as Russia is concerned.  We’re going to impose sanctions!   Ooooooooooh!  Sanctions, you know, the things Obama didn’t think were worth continuing to impose against Iran.

I know what you’re thinking, I know what you’re thinking.  “What if these sanctions have no impact on Russia?”

Don’t worry, don’t worry, Obama’s got that all covered.  He’s way ahead of both you and Putin.

If these sanctions don’t work, Obama threatens to impose even more sanctions.  See, it’s all good.

here's what the news goofs say - source: ABC News

Russian Deputy PM Laughs at Obama’s Sanctions

MOSCOW – Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed off President Obama’s sanction against him today  asking “Comrade @BarackObama” if “some prankster” came up with the list.
The Obama administration hit 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials with sanctions today as punishment for Russia’s support of Crimea’s referendum. Among them: aides to President Vladimir Putin, a top government official, senior lawmakers, Crimean officials, the ousted president of Ukraine, and a Ukrainian politician and businessman allegedly tied to violence against protesters in Kiev.
It remains to be seen whether the sanctions will dissuade Russia from annexing Crimea, but one an early clue that they will not be effective came just hours later when President Putin signed a decree recognizing Crimea as an independent state, perhaps an early step towards annexation.
U.S. official have warned of additional sanctions for Russian action, hoping it will deter Russia from any further aggression towards Ukraine, but it didn’t appear to upset the often outspoke Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.


  1. Ooooooooooooo.... is right! I wish we could "red line" Obama like Bugs did Yosemite. Right off his own stinking cliff.

    1. I'm sure that after this show of force, Putin will back down. I couldn't even write that without laughing.