Is it by Design? Is Their Primary Objective to Destroy Us?

Did you ever notice that the end result of so many leftist policies is, they make a country weak, both militarily and economically?  Check this out:
source: Blazing Cat Fur

Green politics made Europe vulnerable to PutinA protest banner from Greenpeace is unfurled by activists at the Fessenheim nuclear power plant in Fessenheim, France.

Alaska's Sen. Lisa Murkowski called on President Obama this month to lift the ban on exports of U.S. natural gas to Europe. For the sake of European independence, we can only hope the administration listens.

Until the crisis over Ukraine, there was an inbuilt tendency in Germany to embrace closer ties with Russia.

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is close to Vladimir Putin (he has compared Russia's intervention in Ukraine to NATO’s action against Serbia in the 1990s) and is chairman of the board of Gazprom joint-venture pipeline company Nord Stream. In 2012, Russia piped 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Germany, accounting for 28% of the 105.5 billion cubic meters of gas delivered to the European Union.

Friendships aside, the most significant driver of German energy-related foreign policy has been its powerful Green Party. Other countries considering letting domestic or foreign policy be determined by environmentalists would do well to consider where Germany's embrace of environmentalism has led.

Germany's Greens first emerged as a political force at the end of the 1970s at a time of acute East-West tension. In response to deployment of Soviet midrange SS-20 missiles, NATO decided to station Pershing missiles in Germany. Massive, sometimes violent, demonstrations against nuclear power and nuclear missiles swept Germany. Whether consciously or not, the protesters were doing the Kremlin's work in trying to split the Atlantic alliance.

Think about.  Can you think of anything in the leftists’ agenda that doesn’t tend to make a country weaker?  
It’s obvious that they oppose the freedom of the individual, and want a totalitarian government, but they don’t even have to do the whole job themselves.  All they have to do is weaken a country until some tyrant can just step in and take over.

It’s a real paradox that (when you take human nature into account), freedom and capitalism are best for the individual and society, but dependence and handouts are most tempting to the masses and the easiest bill of goods to sell.

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