The Post Electronic Era - You Will Experience it Within Your Lifetime - Even if You're Old, Like Me

Here’s something that you need to know, cannot deny, and must always remember.

How cool something is, is inversely related to how long it lasts.

If you forget everything I ever told you, remember that.  I’ll say it again.

How cool something is, is inversely related to how long it lasts.

Want some examples to support my claim?

  • The 30,000 year old stone tools used by cavemen will certainly outlast the brand new, 6 piece, lithium-ion, cordless power tool set you just got at the Home Depot.
  • Julia Child lived to be 91, James Dean died at 24.
  • The toys you got when you were a baby, can be used by your grandchildren.  The hot wheels track you got when you were 8, with the battery powered spinning wheels that shot the cars through the three successive loop-the-loops, didn’t even make it to the end of January.  Your older brother told you not to send the match box semi-truck through it, but you just couldn’t resist.  It didn’t matter though.  You and your brother later fell on the track while wrestling, the dog ran through and tore up the loops, and your mom sucked up some essential pieces with the vacuum cleaner.
  • You owned the Chevelle with sidepipes when you were 17, for six months, and you are going on year number 8 with the family minivan.
  • The original “Star Trek” lasted only three seasons while “Friends” lasted 10 years.
  • Your mom still has your grade school art projects, but who knows what happened to that awesome “Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon”, black light, wall hanging, you made in high school?

Do you need any more convincing?  The whole thing makes plenty of  sense.  Everyone has always been aware of this, otherwise we would have never heard of the saying, “Too good too last.”

All kidding aside, it’s a simple fact that the more complex something is, the more vulnerable it is.  Only the simplest life forms survive after mass extinction event, on a planetary scale.  The same is true with technology.  Anything that relies upon satellites is the most vulnerable, like GPS and intercontinental communications.  All it’s going to take to take all of that out, is some hostile nation sending up a rocket and exploding a warhead filled with debris in the path of a satellite’s orbit.  Eventually, the satellite  will hit the space junk and become disabled.  China just landed a probe on the moon, North Korea has missiles, and Iran is going nuclear.  You don’t think that those countries have, or will have, the capability and the motivation to do such a thing?  Sure, they would suffer as a result, but we would suffer more.

Anything that relies on the electrical power grid is the next most vulnerable, and that includes almost everything but the simplest of technologies.  There’s more potential causes for this than I can think of, but here’s a few:

  • cyber-terrorism
  • conventional terrorism
  • domestic terrorism
  • super computer virus
  • natural disasters

And don’t bother telling me that the things I mentioned above are impossible.  Less than years ago, most people thought a $17 trillion dollar national debt was impossible.  Besides, it has been my experience that even when you plan for every imaginable contingency, some unexpected thing comes up and bites you in the ass, and I assure you, our nationwide electrical distribution system network and our worldwide communications network is more complicated and vulnerable, than a pig farm or hot rod.

Of all the things I have mentioned so far, nothing is more likely to cause the end of the world as we know it, than liberalism.

Oh, there you go again.  As if it’s not enough for you to blame everything bad that’s happened so far on liberalism, now you’re going to accuse liberalism of being the cause of something that hasn’t even happened yet?”

Yes, I am, and it’s starting to happen already.  Excessive government spending, mostly on entitlement programs (liberal policies) have not only led to our $17 trillion dollar national debt, it has made a real economic recovery, (the only thing that could alleviate the debt) impossible.  Stupid policies like quantitative easing only delay the inevitable, and soon we will experience skyrocketing interest rates, which will make the national debt grow even faster.  At that point we will be left with only two options.  Hyper-inflation, or defaulting on our debt, both of which mean disaster.

The end result is an economic death spiral.  The economy slows down even more.  People get laid off.  Companies cut back, spend less.  More people get laid off.  Demand for products decreases.  Government revenue decreases.  Demand for government aid increases.  The national debt increases, and the economy slips even further into the abyss.  

SHTF, don’t think it’s not possible.  It’s totally possible, for a surprisingly large number of reasons, many of which, no one has even thought of yet, and the internet and cell phones are going to be the first things to go.  The worst part of course, would be no more Golden Geese.  Maybe I should gear up for sending out a traditional snail mail newsletter.


  1. Well, gear up the snail mail then! I can't live without my daily golden geese news! Too bad the USPS is owned by the government...I'll probably never get it. Sigh...