How the Liberals Steal Christmas

Grinches and Scrooges and liberal stooges,
fly down the mountain on bobsleds and luges,
into Conservative Valley, to the town of Right Wing,
Dumb thoughts and unhappiness are all that they bring.

Why did they come here?  And why do they stay?
They enjoy spreading misery, is what some people say.
They never made it in life and they want you to pay,
and everyone wishes, they’d just go away.

So they’ve come down the mountain to take all your money,
and things you enjoy, and think that are funny.
They want to take away Christmas, the trees and the lights,
your guns, and your freedom and God-given rights.

If that’s not enough, it gets even stranger.
They steal young Jesus, right out of the manger.
They don’t stop there, since they think it is wrong,
They remove the mere mention of him, in a song.

They say it’s unfair that there’s poor and there’s needy.
They say that the reason’s because you are greedy.
The real truth is that they reap what they’ve sown,
and they’ve never produced any wealth on their own.

They say it’s unfair that you got what you got,
so they start taking a little, but soon it’s a lot.
They’ll take everything, they’re the “Anti-Claus”
Except for the blame, for the damage they cause.


  1. So true...Bondage or Freedom...That's what the Candidates need to run on...

    1. I often used to wonder how come my father and grandfather did so much better than I, when I was following their advice, and trying to model my life after theirs. Then I found out that they weren't paying for people who were too lazy to work, and they lived during a period of robust economic growth, and they didn't have the cement blocks of regulation tied to their feet as they were trying to keep their heads above water, and they didn't have to work until June of each year, before they got to keep some of the money they earned. That's four significant ways that liberals have stolen the birthright of every hard working citizen of this country that thought when they were young,that someday, they would be living the American Dream.

  2. Yes...Just think of what we could accomplish if we didnt have people holding us down....I have over 10 ideas that could come to fruition if I wasnt working my ass off trying to pay for my family and everyone else who steals my money...The world would be a much brighter place if we didnt have the scum sucking parasites feeding off our labor...Someday soon the ones pulling the wagon are either going to die from exhaustion or turn around and push the wagon off a cliff...Every book I read that shows a bleak future of what the USA becomes if we keep going on the path we are going makes me think why do we have to let it get that bad before we try to fix it....

    1. Remember, when you were a kid? All the grown men you knew that had their own businesses and farms? Most of them had more money and better lives than the people of my generation that are slaving away for someone else. More importantly, they had air of satisfaction about themselves and their lot in life.
      Think back to the 70's and earlier, think of the number and variety of small businesses that does not exist today. Most of those businesses, supported a family, sent the owners kids through college, provided a savings for retirement for the owners, and employed a few people. That was in every town. Go look today, and you will see deserted buildings, and faded signs. So it's not just me, millions of Americans have been robbed of their birthrights by liberals being in power, and the libs are not going to stop until they turn the U.S.A. into the U.S.S.R.

  3. I know they are an evil species...There policies always end up in genocide...They will not give up power willingly...There is a storm brewing...I wish people could see the end game of a liberals utopia...Starvation, disease, rape, murder, mayhem and conditions so bad you wish for death...

    1. They could see it if they chose to. Just look at the USSR, China, Cuba, N. Korea, Venezuela, communist countries in Africa, failed hippie communes, any place it is tried, on any scale, it's almost always a disaster. It's right in front of them. There's none so blind as those who will not see.

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