Preaching to the Choir

Win or lose, after the dust settles form an argument that I have been in, I sit and ponder where I may have been wrong and my opponent may have been right, or at least how he could came to have the viewpoint that he did.  I concede that there were many Baby Boomers responsible for causing our current woes, but I maintain that they were all either liberals, or uninformed sheep.  I also admit that in the past, I have been every bit as guilty for blaming previous generations as Young Republican was.  I have written a draft about this, but it’s so long winded that I don’t think that anyone would be interested in reading all of it.

There is one thing however, that Young Republican was undeniably correct about.  That is when he referred to this site (and I am going to add “all other conservative sites”) as a “philosophical echo room”.  

The vast majority of people who visit sites like this are conservatives, so we aren’t going to win over many converts at them. We should all direct the majority of our time and effort towards getting others to join our side.  

This isn’t a matter of defeating liberals.  Someone you have defeated is not going to join you, even if they admit to themselves that they were wrong and you were right.  It is a matter of paying attention, and once you notice uncommitted person say anything concerning how a liberal policy negative affects them, you agree with them and link that to other liberal ideas and policies that have a negative impact on them.  Then, let them know the price they have paid in terms of opportunity costs. (The things they,(and our country) could have had, if it weren’t for damage that liberals have caused.)  

Winning over new voters a more productive and effective use of our time than preaching to the choir.

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