Wear a Politically Incorrect Costume this Halloween

And when it’s over, stay “in the zone”...


Why?  Because the people that are going to be offended by it, deserve and need to be offended.  Remember, the best defense is a strong offense, so it’s in your best interest to be as offensive as possible.  I’m serious.  

There is no better way to flush out a liberal weenie than by acting politically incorrect, and since they’re weenies, you have nothing to fear. So what should you do next time you're admonished by a politically correct weenie for just simply having fun or speaking your mind?  

You can hardly go wrong with the standard response of telling them to go fuck themselves, but if you have time, and if you think the politically correct weenie has the ability to reason, and an attention span greater than 30 seconds, here is what you should say.

Look you weenie, I’ve been putting up with the likes of you for years.  At first, I tried to avoid offending pencil necks like you, because I am a courteous person, but that didn’t satisfy people like you.  You guys ratcheted up your politically correct bullshit to the next level, I capitulated, and the process repeated itself.   

Well, I’m not going to take it anymore.  I’m making a stand.  I’m doing so, because people like you have given me no reason to believe that you will ever be satisfied.  You might think that I’m being trivial, but I am not.  I can see where all this is eventually going.  This crusade to avoid offending anyone is metamorphosing into the suppression of free speech, and the banishing of opposing viewpoints, right before my very eyes.

Not only do I refuse to let other people control how I act, what I say, or what I wear, I will actively fight anyone who I believe has the goal of turning us all into a bunch of timid pansies, walking on eggshells with our tails between our legs, fearing whatever we say or do, might offend someone. 

Like I said, I am normally a courteous person, but only to people who deserve courtesy, and people who try to force their views upon me do not. I believe that people's behavior should dictated by courtesy to those who deserve it, not fear of condemnation.

Oh yeah, and go fuck yourself.

If we cannot bring ourselves to stand up against people pushing political correctness on us, how will we ever be able to stand up against an oppressive government? We must remain on the offensive against the perpetually offended, or we will lose more than most of us have ever even realized was on the line. Our freedom trumps their hyper-sensitivity.

Make sure to wear a politically incorrect costume this Halloween.  Better yet, throw a politically incorrect party!

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