Ten to Twenty Years From Now. We'll be Saying, "Yeah, That's When it Happened...

...That’s When the NFL, Jumped the Shark”
source: CBS Detroit

‘Softer’ NFL Turns To 

Merchandising, Women To 

Expand Fan Base

By Christy Strawser, digital director DETROIT (CBS Detroit) As Ndamukong Suh gets fined not just for crunching opponents’ knees, but also for touching his helmet to another player’s chest, it’s safe to say the NFL is softer than it was in years past.
Let’s sum it up this way: Victoria’s Secret makes NFL sleepwear for college girls.
In this case, the secret’s out of the bag. The NFL is working to broaden its fan base, and many believe that’s one of the reasons the game is changing, evolving as it tries to maintain its hold on the hearts and minds of Americans. Efforts at marketing to women have brought 16-page women’s magazine spreads breaking down the game, girly NFL T-shirts, aprons and oven mitts.
There’s the ongoing concussion situation, but Lawrence Jackson, a free agent who played for Detroit from ’10 to ’12, told CBS Detroit’s Ashley Dunkak one of the factors in the game’s changing on-field dynamics could also be more women watching the game.
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At least the chicks that watch NASCAR and truck and tractor pulling, don’t want to make those all pansy-assed.

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