Still Think that Conservatives are a Bunch of Crazy Nuts?

Then how come, in the end, they're so often proven to be correct?

source: The Western Center For Journalism

Obama Asking Military Officers If They Will Shoot Americans
Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warns that the Obama administration is asking top brass in the military if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that includes gauging whether they would be prepared to order troops to fire on Americans.


In a way pure sciences, like math, physics and chemistry are the easiest of all subjects.  They deal with universally accepted truths, and facts that can be proven with objective analysis and accurate measurements.  There’s no room for opinion here.  There’s just right or wrong, true or false, correct or incorrect.  

2+2=4, and it doesn’t matter if you disagree. No matter how popular you may be, how much charisma you have, or how threatening you may be, you’d be wrong.  It’s that simple.

Once one leaves the arena of pure science, things are not quite that cut and dried, especially once you throw human beings into the mix.  Variables become too numerous to even be aware of, and objective analysis and accurate measurement become almost impossible.  Opinion rules here, and there are almost never any obvious delineations.

Everyone knows that at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and lower, a pail of water will turn into a block of ice, but at what point does a government become tyrannical?  Is there any standard of measure to determine that, or is it just a matter of opinion?

Unlike most things involving politics, there may just be an obvious point where one can objectively identify the change of phase from freedom to tyranny, like when water turns to ice.  That is the point where a government is willing use its military against its own people.  

Are we at that point?  Is Obama really considering using our own army against us?  In order to answer that, we must ask - Why would any leader use his country’s military against his people?  The answer is simple.  Because the people are unwilling to follow his orders voluntarily, and have become a threat to him and/or his agenda.

All leaders of free nations attempt to push through their own agendas. It’s why they became leaders in the first place, but most of will only do so up to a certain point.  Either: 1) what they are doing has become so unpopular that proceeding will cost them more political capital than it is worth (Clinton with Hillarycare), 2)there is no way to proceed without breaking the law (which will keep anyone with any amount of decency and honesty in line), or 3)they are caught breaking the law. (Nixon) Up until now, these three things are what have prevented our presidents from overstepping their authority and taking on the role of a dictator. None of these things have stopped Obama.

Now if Obama has been pushing an agenda that is unpopular with at least half (and a growing percentage) of the American people -

  • in spite of the fact of what it costs him politically (or us financially),
  • in spite of the fact that he has broken the law in the past to do it,
  • and in spite of the fact that we all know he will be willing to break the law in the future to do it,

what other option besides the threat and use of deadly force, will he have if the people continue to resist him? And what makes you think that he (or his successors) would be afraid to use it?

"Oh, there you go, peddling that right wing alarmist crap again!"

Really? Remember, that it was conservatives that said that:

  • Social security and medicare would not be sustainable.
  • Government spending cannot consistently outpace government revenue.
  • Simply giving away money will not reduce poverty rates, it will only destroy families and increase dependency.
  • Forced busing would be a disaster.
  • Allowing public school teacher to unionize would increase the cost and decrease the quality of public education.
  • A lack of scrutiny of voter eligibility and same day voter registration would increase election fraud.
  • Constantly giving into the demands of public sector unions will bankrupt our cities.
All these things came to pass.

Where conservatives have been wrong most often, is they underestimate how serious the negative impacts of liberal's agendas and policies will be. When conservatives sound the warning alarms on liberal policies, many people, including the mainstream media, do not heed them.  They accuse conservatives of exaggeration and fear mongering, but so often things turn out even worse than predicted.  Sometimes liberal politicians act so outrageously that even the far most right wingers don't see it coming.

When Jim Doyle was elected governor of Wisconsin back in 2002, everyone knew that he would increase taxes and spending, but nobody ever even dreamed that he would raid the Patients Compensation Fund or the state transportation fund.  Why would they?  Some things are so egregious, that most people never consider the possibility that they could occur, until someone has the audacity to try and pull them off.

It’s the same way with Obama.  Conservatives warned everyone about the taxes, spending, and restrictions of individual liberty, but if anyone predicted before he was elected the:

  • $800 billion stimulus package and its lack of effectiveness
  • NSA spying.
  • Fast and Furious
  • Benghazi fiasco
  • IRS scandal

almost everyone, including the mainstream media, would have said that they were crazy.  It all happened though, and Obama just keeps on truckin’.

Now as we watch Affordable Care Act unfold, once again we see another example of Obama’s agenda  being even worse its most ardent opponents had predicted.

Ordering the army to shoot at us.  Unthinkable?  All kinds of things have happened since 2008 that before, most of us would have considered “unthinkable” prior to election of Barack  Hussein Obama.  I wouldn’t put anything past this man.        

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