Obama Makes the Wrong Call - Again... But Will it Matter?

By now, you’ve seen the stories...

If you haven’t, just check out the Drudge Report.

Yes, we all know that this is being disrespectful towards our veterans.

Yes, we all know that more money was spent barricading the WWII Memorial, than if it was left open, so a federal government shutdown is no excuse.

Yes, we know that threatening veterans with arrest is ludicrous,  

but I want to talk about another aspect of this, and that is that Obama clearly did this for political reasons, which in and of itself, is not necessarily bad.  No matter what he (or any other president) does, it is the result of weighing how the action will affect him politically.

The problem is, that he made the wrong call - on such an easy, slam dunk decision.  Think about it.  Have you heard anyone defending this - saying “Hell yeah, that was a great idea!”

It would be easy to misidentify this as an oversight or a mistake, but that would be missing a very important point. When you flare a piece of tubing before you put on the flare nut, that’s an oversight.  When you hit something while backing up a trailer, that’s a mistake.  This is more akin to investing with Bernie Madoff or  fixing a TV antenna during a thunderstorm.  It didn’t “just happen”, there were certainly plenty of people around to tell him that was a bad idea, and he had plenty of chances to reverse his decision before he looked too stupid.

This was a calculated decision.  Obama wanted to illustrate the inconvenience and pain caused by a government shutdown, and blame it all on the Republicans, but ended up looking foolish and ungrateful to our veterans.  

Chances are, our veterans will be able to visit the Memorial all they wish in short order, so that particular problem will cease to exist, but there is a bigger problem that has existed long before the current government shutdown, and will continue for at least, two more years.  

That problem is Obama himself.  If he can’t be trusted to make the easiest of decisions correctly, how can we trust him to make tougher decisions correctly?  The answer is, “We can’t.” and that can be verified simply by mentioning the following words and phrases:

  • Fast and Furious
  • Benghazi
  • IRS Scandal
  • NSA Spying
  • Solyndra
  • Stimulus Package
  • There’s plenty more, but you get the idea

Now as far as Obama is concerned, will any of this matter?  Probably not.  Not because it isn’t serious, but because it won’t be seriously reported by the mainstream media. That’s their guy in the White house and they reserve any serious criticism for Republicans.  That’s why so many people have such a low opinion of George Bush, even though they have trouble coming up with any specific criticisms, and we can’t get any traction portraying Obama for who he really is, even though we are armed with lists like the one above.

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