Madonna Who?

source: CBS NewYork

Madonna Booted From New York City

Movie Theater After Expressing Herself

Superstar Apparently Breaks 'No Texting' Rules, Gets

Banned By National Chain

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Madonna has been banned from a national theater chain after using her phone during a movie premiere.
On Monday, the controversy set off a firestorm on Twitter.
Read more  Don’t bother.

I read this entire article, and nowhere, could I find this bitch’s last name.  How are we supposed to know who the fuck they were talking about?  In my hometown, we have two plumbers, they’re both named Joe, so we always use their last names to avoid confusion.  For example:  “My toilet was backed up so I called Joe Smith, but he was busy, so I called Joe Collins.”  That way, everybody knows who you’re talking about.  How hard is that?

And one other thing.  So she was texting during a movie screening.  Big deal.  At least she wasn’t talking.  I thought that that was the whole reason for texting - to be able to communicate when you are in a place where you’re not supposed to make any noise.  I don’t get it. It was, a pretty good indication that the movie sucked. I bet she was texting, "This movie sucks."  How much you wanna bet that most of the people who were upset with Madonna, whatever her last name is, wouldn’t give a crap if she was texting while she was driving.

I have an Aunt Madonna.  Her last name is Schmuck.  Maybe it was her, but I don’t think she knows how to text.

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