Liberal Money Machines

Even if these combinations of letters and numbers mean nothing to you:

D-8 Cat KW 900 JD 4020

If you saw any of them, you would immediately recognize them as machines whose ultimate purpose is to make money for the capitalists who purchased them.

But what about people who are not capitalists?  Liberals want money too, and contrary to what they would have you believe they lust after, and relish the green stuff every bit as much as the most ruthless industrial tycoon.  They are saddled with two problems however.

  1. They’re unwilling to work for it.
  2. They’re unwilling to risk their own capital for it.

These two unattractive qualities of liberals that automatically put them beneath the most greedy oil baron, so they attempt to mask them with an air of moral superiority, claiming that they’re only interested in helping the disadvantaged.  In an intellectually honest evaluation, they can’t compete with someone who actually produces wealth, so they try to avoid any comparisons by demeaning the capitalists, calling them greedy, racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, etc.  The whole time they are blind to the irony that capitalists are the source of all money that they receive for their causes.

Regardless of what they say, liberals desire wealth every bit as much as much as J.R. Ewing.  Like capitalists, they have machines, and the ultimate purpose of their machines is to make them money.  The only difference is that the liberal machines are not immediately recognizable for what they are, and they don’t produce wealth.  They merely redistribute it, from the people who earned it to the people who didn’t.

Liberal money machines are harder for most folks to spot, because unlike most people’s stereotypical image of a machine, they are not made of metal, nuts, and bolts.  However they become much more easy to identify if one knows what to look for.

  1. Their source of power is not coal, oil, electricity, or steam, but donations or tax dollars.
  2. The industries they serve are seldom in direct competition with similar organizations.
  3. The industries they serve are not driven by consumer demand.
  4. It is difficult to objectively measure their output and effectiveness.
  5. The industries they serve are almost always nonprofit organizations with leaders that are very well paid.
  6. The industries they serve raise money through emotional pleas, rather than by a financial plan with realistic projections of return on investment.
  7. The industries they serve are never held accountable for past performance.  (In fact, have you ever heard of any of these type of organizations “going out of business”?)
  8. They and the industries they serve, do not produce wealth.
  9. The problems that their industries claim to be trying to alleviate, are no smaller than before the industries existed.

All this may make one think that liberal money machines are ineffective and wonder how they can continue to exist, but this is only if one does not understand their true purpose, and that is: to make money for the people running them.  Once you understand this, it is easy to understand why they do such a poor job of:

  • Helping the poor
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Sheltering the homeless
  • Educating our children
  • Finding homes for abandoned pets
  • Saving our environment
  • Reducing oppression
and coming soon to a country near you:
  • Providing affordable access to healthcare for all

It’s quite obvious that the people running the liberal money machines are not interested in solving any of these problems, and there’s no way that the lack of progress in the areas listed above can be blamed entirely on their lack of competence.  They know that solving the problems, often would be their demise.  

They’re in it for the money.  Their salaries and benefits for the work required and their lack of accountability are beyond what most people working in the private sector could even imagine.  Also the lack of scrutiny from both inside and outside of their organizations, has made them ripe for corruption for decades.  Almost daily, you can find a news story about the misappropriation of funds of a government or charitable organization.

Liberal money machines are actually quite effective when you understand their intended purpose.  So effective, that the people in control of them will fight to their last breath to keep it.



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