Ha, Ha! Our Donors are So Stupid - They Don't Know Where the Money's Goin'

If you haven’t yet done so already (and I can’t imagine why you haven’t), read my previous post.

Now a typical liberal might say,

“You can’t prove that!  Give me an example!”

Oh, I got plenty of examples, and more are being produced every day.  The hard part is, choosing which one would be the most fun to use.  The following is one of my favorites.

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from UPI 15 Oct 2013 457POST A COMMENT

PORTSMOUTH, Va., Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Workers at a Virginia Humane Society released some 300 feral cats into the wild and counted many of them as having been adopted, state investigators said.

Three former employees at the Portsmouth Humane Society said shelter bosses instructed them to release cats brought in by residents and city workers alike. The shelter, which serves as the Portsmouth animal pound, is supposed to neuter the animals and put them up for adoption.
Instead, the workers said, they were instructed to take the cats home and release them, The (Norfolk) Virginian Pilot reported Tuesday.
One employee said she released about six cats in her Norfolk neighborhood on instructions from her boss but later refused to continue the practice after she saw two had been hit and killed by cars. Another former worker said she would drive out to a wooded area near where she grew up because she didn't want to release the felines in an urban setting.
Two of the employees who spoke to state investigators were fired from the shelter. A third quit her job.
State investigators fined the shelter $1,250 and the Humane Society fired the shelter's executive director, Jenn Austin.
The practice began under the shelter's previous executive director, Christie Chipps Peters, the employees said. Chipps Peters said she wasn't aware releasing feral cats violated the law.
Workers said she was lying and she used to laugh about the situation regularly.
"She knew that it was illegal," said Laurie Dedio, a former kennel assistant who left the shelter in May. "She used to joke about it all the time."   
                                                                                                      What a
                                                           coincidence, so do I!

Ah, the Humane Society, the noble, altruistic Humane Society.  Pure as the driven snow.  Or is it?  
If you only have basic cable or satellite TV service, you might find yourself wasting an afternoon watching some old movie that you have not only seen a million times before, may even own.  The price you pay for being too lazy to do anything else, or at least not getting off the couch and popping in your DVD  of the same movie is, enduring the seemingly endless commercial breaks.
Inevitably, you are going to come across the five or six minute commercial for the Humane Society, or the ASPCA, or whoever it is, showing the pathetic, starving, mangy dogs and one-eyed cats.  They tell you that for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can save these poor animals, and find them a loving home.  
Well a cup of coffee ain’t much.  Why don’t you get off your ass and donate, you cheap bastard?  Actually, a cup of coffee per day is a shitload of money -for the people selling the coffee.  Starbucks has done pretty well, and for the price of a cup coffee, they give you - coffee.  What do you get in return for your Humane Society donation?  Unwanted and abandoned pets that finally found a loving home?  Well you can just keep thinking that, or you could open your eyes and look at the real world and save yourself some money and feelings of guilt at the same time.
The truth is that it doesn’t take much money to kill animals.  It’s about the least expensive part of the process that brings meat to your table, and killing is one of the things that the Humane Society does best.  (They do 0ne thing better that we have already alluded to, and will discuss more later.)  Now I realize that unwanted and abandoned pets are a problem.  I just wish that the Humane Society and groups like it, would be upfront and honest about their final solution.
If you read the article at the beginning of this post you will realize that Virginia Humane Society was simply outsourcing the killing to motorists and people like this, saving them the expenses of housing, treatment, and euthanasia.
Now all of this may have started you wondering, “Then where does all the money go, and is it really worth diverting all potential coffee sales?”  Obviously, a large portion of it goes to fundraising.  This is what they are best at.  I don’t know if they can, but even if they can get away with calling their infomercials which drag out your 90 minute movie to three hours, public service announcements, they still have to cost a bundle to produce.  
A significant percentage of the remainder goes to paying their employees,  from the irresponsible, worthless slobs mentioned in the above article, that are too lazy to do their jobs to the people running the show, but perhaps the worst thing is the amount of money they spend promoting the animal rights agenda.  
It’s another classic example of liberals attempting to sabotage private businesses, the ultimate source of their funding (Most donors’ source of income is job in the private sector, which is also the ultimate source of most tax dollars.), but they are never going to see the connection.  The Humane Society, it’s just another liberal money machine.  They’ve got their high paying gigs, and everyone else, including the animals, and especially the American entrepreneur, be damned.   



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