Do You Remember Sending Pictures of Your Cock?

No?  Neither does JennSterger.  That’s because it was forgettable, not because she’s losing her memory, but this may actually be good news for you, Brett.

source: CBS Chicago

Favre Admits He Has Experienced

Memory Loss

(CBS) Whether the St. Louis Rams were seriously inquiring about Brett Favre or not, the former NFL quarterback is not making a return, partially because he is starting to feel the toll of 20 years in the league.
Favre went on to say that he has started to experience memory loss, which has frightened him.
“This was a little shocking to me that I couldn’t remember my daughter playing youth soccer,” he said. “It was just one summer, I think. I could remember her playing basketball, I could remember her playing volleyball, so I kind of think maybe (I thought) she only played a (soccer) game or two. Well, I think she played like eight. So that’s a little bit scary to me. So for the first time in 44 years, that kind of put a little fear in me.”
And given his perspective as a retired NFL quarterback, Favre said he’s in favor of the rule changes the the league has instituted to help protect players.
“I don’t see how you can’t change with the times and try to protect the players more because of the studies that have come out to what concussions can do,” Favre said. “The players, either retired or some of the few players who are either killing themselves or self-destructing, studies have proven that some of this is because of concussions.”

Of course, you can’t remember your daughter playing soccer.  No parent can.  The only thing people can remember about that experience is what a pain in the ass it was, driving their kids back and forth to practice.  The mind-numbing boredom of soccer (and even worse, girl’s soccer) causes the brain to delete any memory of it, the same moment that it is experienced.  Your memory’s just fine Brett.  You can now breath a sigh of relief.
As for former NFL players suffering from brain injuries they may have received as a result of playing professional football is concerned, consider this.  They already have received compensation.
A factory worker that experienced a debilitating injury at work may win a lawsuit or receive a large settlement from his employer, but chances are, he was only making an average or below average wage.  There was no fame or fortune in it for him.  It was just a job.
For the past few decades, professional football players have been making more money that plaintiffs that win million dollar lawsuits.  They already got their money from the NFL, and if they have since pissed it all away, that’s their problem.

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