Can't You Just Smell the Liberalism?

Is this the craziest (and most reckless) birthing fad ever? Newborns left with their placenta attached for up to 10 days

  • New trend of leaving the umbilical cord on babies for three to ten days
  • Obstetricians have expressed grave concerns
  • They warn it could lead to serious infection and even death in newborns
  • Parents who have done it explain why they thought it was right choice

When Adele Allen's family and friends arrived for a first cuddle with her newborn son, they could be forgiven for feeling a little squeamish. Although baby Ulysses was a healthy little boy, he had a rather unusual companion at night - his umbilical cord and placenta.
Ulysses was six days old before he was finally parted from the, by then, rotten support system which had kept him alive for nine months in the womb.
His mother and father are part of a growing band of parents who believe that lotus birthing, the practice of leaving the placenta attached to the baby until it falls off naturally, has physical and emotional benefits for newborns.

Read more.  Don’t bother.

What would you guess is the political slant of anyone who did this?  Liberal?  Why?  Because of your experience.  You’ve heard about stuff like this before, and if there’s enough information provided to gain some insight about how the people in these type of stories think, you will invariably come to the conclusion that they are liberals.  

Why is that?  Why does it seem like only liberals question the most tried and true methods, and beliefs?  Because that is the very definition of liberalism.  Being different, for the sake of being different, which almost always leads to failure.  Why?

“Change is good.”  That’s a phrase that is so overused, that I can barely stand to hear it.  Change is not necessarily good.  When you get sick, that’s a change.  When the motor in your car blows up, that’s a change.  Are either of these things good?  You’re not dead, you’re not broke.  Would you like a change from that?  

One thing that I’m sure you noticed about stories like the one above is that the fads described in them, never catch on.  Why?  Change is more often than not, is not good, and if you attempt to stray from tried and true methods, values, and beliefs that have been used and held since the beginning of human existence, you are almost certainly going to fail.

The arrogance of liberals astounds me.  They actually think that they are the first to  advocate nontraditional methods and lifestyles.  They think that just because something was uncommon 100 years ago, it is either that it had never been thought of before, or it was not more popular because closed minded bigotry and prejudice prevented it.  They’re right about one thing there.

Prejudice is not necessarily a negative term.  It simply means not re evaluating everything, every time you come across it.  Our prejudice tells us not to jump into the tiger’s cage at the zoo, not to use the weed wacker near a hornet’s nest, and not to buy extremely low priced merchandise from some guy selling it out the trunk of his car.  We are all prejudice against things we know that tend to lead to undesirable outcomes.

The human race has been around for a long time.  Every possible type of behavior and relationship have been tried long, long ago.  The ones that tended to provide long term success for people in general, became the norm.  The ones that tended to produce failure were shunned.  People are naturally prejudice against things that tend to produce failure.

Change is not necessarily good.  Improvement is good.  Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell the Wright brothers, Henry Ford, and others became famous and successful by developing something truly new and innovative.  They were breaking new ground, not digging up failed practices from the past.  They had their share of failures too, but they used them as learning experiences, then dropped them and moved on.

Liberals are incapable of learning from failure, whether from their own experience, or what should be obvious by looking at humanity with an open pair of eyes.  That’s why they continue to be in favor of the same tired old policies and embrace the same naive ideas  that have failed every time and everywhere they have been tried.

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