Racism and Voter ID

Imagine that if for whatever reason, there was a shift in voter demographics, and virtually all minorities started to vote for Republicans and at the same time, almost the exact same number of white voters defected to the Democrats.  In spite of this shift in voting patterns, the Democrats maintained their same levels of voter fraud and irregularities.

Would the Republicans then change their position on voter ID?  The answer would certainly be “No”, because the problem would be and always was, the number of fraudulent votes cast, not the race of the voters involved.

This is why the argument that voter ID laws are somehow racist, is ridiculous.  In fact, the only people who appear to be racists when it comes to voter ID laws, are the people who are against them.  They imply that people who belong to minorities are not capable of handling the simplest task that whites can handle everyday with ease.  They’re basically saying, people of color are too stupid to bring their own legitimate ID to a polling place.  Can you think of anything that could be more racist or offensive than that?  Where’s the outrage?

Democrats are willing to say and do anything in order to maintain their ability to cheat in elections, and they don’t care what it might make them, or the people they claim to be advocates of, look like.

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