Please, Please, Watch My Crappy Show

from: Accuracy in Media

Chris Matthews Begs Viewers to Watch 

Hardball in New Time Slot


chris matthews hardball let me finish
During his “Let Me Finish” segment on Monday night’s 5 p.m. edition of Hardball, host Chris Matthews virtually begged viewers to watch his show, as it will air only once a night, at 7 p.m., starting next week  .Read full article


          Isn't that pathetic?  I sure feel sorry for the guys at Accuracy in Media and other similar organizations that have to watch this crap on the off chance that they might see something interesting.
They didn't include a video in their article so I am providing you with one here.  You must actually watch the man to appreciate just how pathetic he is.

          If I had to say something positive about Chris, I'd guess I'd say that the man has conviction.  If he was truly concerned about his ratings, he should just tell everyone that all this liberal stuff is a bunch of crap and he was just doing what he had been doing what he had been doing all these years for the money.  He should do a few expose's on how phony some of the liberal talking heads are.  I bet he is aware of countless examples of that.  He could tell everyone how liberalism is a big lie, and that since he has been an insider all these years, he has a unique perspective.  I bet he's got some good dirt on Obama and other liberal politicians.  He could tell the world that over the course of time, he has become more and more disillusioned with liberalism, and he just can't take it anymore.

          THAT would make his ratings soar.  People would tune in just for the curiosity factor.  MSNBC would probably fire him for doing such a thing because they are incapable of making good business decisions (typical liberals).  If they did, he could always go to FOX NEWS.

          He would NEVER do such a thing though.  He would rather crash and burn as a liberal, than be a success as a conservative.  I don't know if I should respect him for that or not.   Maybe Ed Schultz might be game for it though,  he started out as a conservative.

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