No Wonder We Have Problems With College Students Drinking

Just another reminder that the academic elite are NOT smarter than you, and to not ever let them intimidate you. Higher education may give someone expertise in a particular field, but if you are good at your job, can balance your checkbook, can stay out of crippling debt, and can stay out of trouble with the law, you almost certainly have just as much knowledge or more, about any other subject as they do, and it’s a safe bet that you have more common sense. I present the following video for your viewing pleasure.


Man charged with wrong-way driving works for MSOE

CREATED AUG. 17, 2013
Today's TMJ4's Yona Gavino reports Video by
MILWAUKEE - At the Milwaukee School of Engineering, it's a surprise to students, as they learn their "dean of students" is charged with driving the wrong-way down Highway 43 and was allegedly drunk at the time.

"I didn't know what to say when I first found out.  I thought it was just sad," said software engineering graduate Josh Holtz.

A a Racine County sheriff's deputy used his squad car to pin Patrick Coffey's car against a median wall.  It was captured on video.  In addition, police claim Coffey's blood alcohol at the time was twice the legal limit.

Amontre Ross is also a student at MSOE.  He says, "He's definitely a good person.  But maybe more attention should've been brought towards his personal situation in regards to his drinking."

Officials say just as highway signs show amber alerts, they're also trying to get those signs to alert drivers about anyone driving the wrong-way on a highway.


I have plenty of buddies that have gotten DUI’s, and it’s just by the grace of God, that I never got one myself, but none of us are stupid enough to drive the wrong way on the interstate.  If we were that bombed, we would call a cab, call a buddy, or walk home.  This is this guy’s third DUI offense.  

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