Killing Three Birds With One Stone

Let’s take care of illegal immigration, save money on prisons, and give Mexico a taste of its own medicine all at the same time by:

  1. Building a secure fence on the Mexican border with portion that bumps up into the United States.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be where I drew it.  It just needs to be in a remote area on the border where there are no towns.  It also doesn’t need to be anywhere this big.  I just drew it that way to make it easier to visualize.
  2. Close down all state and federal prisons and set up a POW style prison in this area.  Nothing fancy, just a double fenced three-sided enclosure, with no fence on the southern side.
  3. The north, east, and west sides of the prison will be monitored with machine gun towers to prevent anyone trying to escape.
  4. The southern side of the prison will also have machine gun towers, but their purpose will be to prevent people from entering.
  5. If any prisoners want to escape into Mexico, they are free to do so, but they may NEVER return to the prison or the United States.
  6. If the Mexican government complains about people illegally entering their country, WE WILL JUST LAUGH AT THEM, and ask “How do you like it?”

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