Girls Gone Stupid

Few things in real life ever happen like they do in porno films.  Why?  Because most women are at least somewhat intelligent creatures, and they are not going to take their clothes off simply because you offered them a ride, or delivered a pizza to their house, and they are certainly not going to get naked simply because you got into an argument with them.  In fact that almost guarantees that such a thing is never going to happen unless; you are dealing with one of the least intelligent creatures on the planet earth - militant liberal feminists.  They defy all logic and simply do not respond the same way as rational, intelligent human beings will in most situations.  

I’m  sure you all are familiar with the “Girls Gone Wild” videos that used to be constantly advertised on late night TV.  You didn’t have actually purchase the videos to know what they were about - girls taking getting naked.  Most of the girls in these videos are stupid, or at least give off the impression of being stupid, but they do have three excuses (however lame they might be):

  1. Most of them are drunk.
  2. They’re in a party atmosphere that tends to encourage such behavior.
  3. They fell for the notion that there’s some amount of glamor of being in a video.
So they’re young, drunk, and dumb, and since most young men enjoy seeing such a thing in a video or in real life, maybe we should cut the girls gone wild, some slack.  I’m sure most of them regret it now anyway.  My point is that even if you may not approve of it, it is possible to excuse such stupidity.

Now let’s talk about inexcusable, hypocritical stupidity that has absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever, not even that of giving young men a cheap thrill.  Liberal, militant feminists would not approve of the “Girls Gone Wild” videos, or anything else that they claim “exploits” women.  They always get all upset about anything involving female nudity, wet t-shirt contests, etc.  Never mind that these “exploited” women were almost always adults that did whatever it was that they did, on their own free will.  

I suppose that I would be OK feminists' sentiments, except they do not adhere to them, themselves!  Somehow, with their twisted logic, they have come up with the notion that female nudity is always sexist and wrong, unless it involves protesting.  It doesn’t matter what they’re protesting either.  Even if they’re protesting the exploitation of women.

Isn't it amazing how they can pull off being
  naked and not being sexy at the same time?

Not only is this hypocritical and illogical, it’s stupid.  What is a protest anyway?  It is basically a mass argument against something.  If you were ask what one needs in order to win an argument, most people would give you a list of things that would look like this:

  1. A good understanding of the facts involved.
  2. A clear, concise, easy to understand explanation of one’s point of view.
  3. The ability to point out the flaws in your opponents argument.
  4. The ability to relate to more effectively to impartial bystanders than your opponent.

I’m sure both you and I could come up with other items if we thought about it, but no matter how long the list became, I doubt that “taking one’s clothes off  would ever be added to the list.  If getting naked was an effective strategy for winning an argument, guys would be picking verbal fights with women all the time.   So why do liberal militant feminist protesters think that this is an effective tool for winning their arguments?  The only answer that I can come up with is: They’re just stupid, I guess.


  1. Those "feminists" are actually slaves of a certain kind of sexism. They are fighting for her right of have free sex and do what ever they want (in the sexual field) with their bodies. So, they are fighting for being sexual objects because they was convinced to think that the women was oppressed for not having a free sexuality. It was a half true, using an inverse psychology, now they are even more slaved...because now they alienated sex slaves of anyone who tell them the right word. Their bodies are objects of pleasure and they will fight for keep it!! No interest for get same salary than men, for encourage the girls for have the same professional careers as men, no, they just want to fuck as bitches in heat and that no one call them sluts for that.

    1. You are correct, and it's not just the feminist. Most liberals do damage to the very groups of people they claim to be advocates for. I have written about this many times.