For Preppers Only

This post is for preppers and preppers only.  If you are not a prepper, stop reading this, and go use the internet for its intended purpose by clicking HERE.

OK, since you preppers - Wait a minute, wait a minute, YOU’RE not a prepper.  Why are you still here?  Uh-huh, uh-huh.  Well I wasn’t any more specific because I didn’t know what kind of porn you were into.  What’s that?  You have already been to all those sites?  Well, that’s very uh, uh, impressive.  OK, you can stay, but keep quiet and pay attention!

Now where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Since you preppers will be the only ones left after SHTF, I have some advice for you.  I thought that I’d give it to you now, since I won’t be around long after SHTF, because I am not a prepper.  

“Why?” You may ask.  The reason is not because I don’t believe you preppers about SHTF and all.  It’s because I know that no matter what I thought that I should stock up on, I would fail to stock up on some essential item.  If I were to stock up on ammo, then it would turn out that the most essential thing will turn out to be non-perishable food.  If I were to stock up on non-perishable food, the most important thing to stock up on will be supplies to make yourself self-sufficient.  

You get the idea.  It’s kind of like having an emergency tool box in your truck.  You don’t feel that you will ever have the need for deep well sockets on the road, but with the first break down, sure as shit, that’s what you’re gonna need.

Now I could try to cover all my bases and buy as much of each item as I felt I could afford, but then guess what?  Then I wouldn’t be a prepper, I’d just be some dude, like I am right now, with a little bit of everything.  My point is that I don’t have very much confidence in my ability to accurately predict what I would need in some type of post-apocalyptic situation.

Since I will be roadkill, or some other type of grizzly mass of flesh and blood soon after SHTF, here is my advice to all you survivors. Maybe it will help you all to avoid some of the problems we are currently having today, when you finally restore civilization.

  1. Keep a copy of the U.S. constitution with you so at some point you can set up some form of rudimentary government.
  2. Before there are too many people in your newly formed nation to fuck stuff up, add a few amendments like:
    1. Only taxpayers can vote.
    2. Any proposed federal law that curtail freedoms specifically listed in the constitution must ratified by the public and states in a manner similar to ratifying constitutional amendments.
    3. Lower forms of government shall pass no law that infringes upon freedoms specifically listed in this constitution.
    4. The federal government shall not engage in any form of wealth transfer among individuals.  All types of public assistance, welfare, and social programs shall be the responsibility of, and at the discretion of the states, private organizations, or individuals.
    5. The federal government must maintain a balanced budget, except in times of war and other emergencies, and then allowed to run a deficits for no more than five consecutive years.  Extensions beyond that point must be approved by a three-fifths supermajority of both houses of congress and approved by the president.  After any such period of emergency deficit spending, the federal government must eliminate any deficit created before increasing expenditures.
    6. All government agencies created and not specifically mentioned by this constitution must be reviewed once every ten years to justify their existence.  If any such agencies are deemed obsolete, redundant, or unnecessary by congress, such agencies shall be dissolved.
    7. All  federal laws created, and not specifically mentioned in this constitution shall be reviewed by the supreme court once every ten years. Any laws deemed obsolete, redundant, or unnecessary, shall be struck down.  This review process shall repeat itself three consecutive times for each law, after which such laws will no longer have to be reviewed.
    8. The federal government shall not coerce states or lower forms of government by withholding aid or funds.

And here's a few laws you should add:

  1. Attorneys shall not be allowed to represent clients in civil lawsuits and receive compensation on a contingency basis.
  2. Plaintiffs involved in unsuccessful civil lawsuits are responsible for all court costs and other reasonable costs incurred by the defendant.

There’s probably a lot more that I could think of, but I’m sure that you all get my point.   Remember what caused us problems in our old world and try to avoid them in your new one.


  1. Need to outlaw professional lobbyists.
    Corporations are not people.
    Shoot the first motherfucker who wants to implement any agency even remotely resembling the IRS.

    1. Yes, but they are GROUPS of people, like protesters. I have no problem with making efforts to reduce their influence, but I would have to see measures taken to reduce the influence of unruly,loud-mouthed protesters along with it. The only danger here is that would be walking a fine line, very close to infringing upon freedom of speech. As for the IRS, you are 100 percent correct. The U.S. got by for most of the first half of its existence without personal income taxes. With the recent IRS abuses, it is clear that things need to change.

  2. Lawmakers must never be exempt from any law they make!

    1. Excellent! I should have thought of that one myself!