Attention Young People: Liberals are Stealing Your Future

Ever since the counter culture movement of the ‘60’s, if the working people of America wanted to watch television news, they have been subjected to hearing what the young people (particularly college students) of this country had to say.  If you are not old enough to remember the ‘60’s, and want to have an idea of  what they were saying back then, you’re in luck.  Just go to Youtube and type in something like “Stupid things liberals say”.  They’re saying the same dumb things today as they did back then.  Nowhere else is the phrase “Same shit different day more applicable.

First of all, who cares what young people think, or what they have to say?  Do generals ask the for the opinions of privates?  Do CEO’s consult with people in entry level positions during their first week on the job?  All older people were young once.  We remember what it was like to think we knew everything.  That is a special type of arrogance that only time and hard lessons learned can cure.

The thing you have to remember about college kids is that ten years ago, they were about ten years old, and since that time they have been telling their younger siblings that they know more than them because they are older.  Now if they think that they are so much smarter than someone who is a few years younger than they are, they should contemplate how much smarter someone twenty, thirty, and more years older is than they are.

I really have a problem with political rallies on college campuses and things like MTV’s “Rock the Vote” because they encourage  uninformed and apathetic  people to vote that would not otherwise do so.  Some of you might be thinking, “You’re just saying that because young people tend to not vote the way you’d like them to.”  Well... Yes, and that’s exactly my point.  Congratulations, liberals, you got the uninformed and apathetic people on your side.

I’m not alone in thinking that a good percentage of young people are not capable of making informed decisions.  Years ago we raised the drinking age from 18 to 21, and the reasoning behind it was, that many felt that younger people were being too irresponsible with alcohol.  Rental car companies don’t want to do business with people younger than 25.  Campgrounds won’t let anyone less than 21 operate their golf carts!

You can disagree with anything that I say, but if you believe that you continue to learn throughout your life, than you will have to admit that in general, older people are wiser than younger people.  It is also a fact that younger people tend to be relatively more liberal, and older people tend to be relatively more conservative.  You can try to discount that by saying that older people are just fuddy-duddies, but it has always been that way, which means that people becoming more conservative as they get older and smarter is an on-going process.  

Now what other conclusion can you draw besides conservatives are wiser than liberals?  Need more proof?  What type of people tend to be liberals?  Celebrities, college professors, public school teachers, public employee union members, people on government assistance, and of course young people.  What type of people tend to be conservative?  Business owners and executives, farmers, investors, and older people.

Do you notice any difference between the two groups of people and similarities among the people within each group?  The liberals tend to be people who in one way or another are immune from the consequences of their actions, whether it’s through tenure, union protection, or lack of having anything to lose.  The conservatives, on the other hand are often at risk of losing what they have if they don’t make the right decisions.  They tend to be independent and usually don’t have any type of artificial security like tenure to insulate themselves from any mistakes they might make.  To preserve what they have, they must avoid errors by staying informed on what’s happening in the world around them.

Eight rambling paragraphs and I still haven’t made my point.  What on earth can it be?  Here it is.  Liberal politicians depend upon the ignorance of people in order to get elected.  As people get older, they are often not so easily fooled.  Lucky for them, there is always a new generation of young people to replace the ones who have matured.  

The time has come for young people to reconsider their support for liberal politicians and liberal ideology.  Excessive government spending has put our country $17 trillion in debt.  Who do you think is going to have to pay that debt?  I’ll give you a hint.  It won’t be people who are going to be dead within the next ten years.   All that debt is saddled on the backs of the youngest  Americans and their children, and the worst part is that they have nothing to show for it.  All that money has been spent before almost any of them had anything to say about it, much less benefit from it.  Our current generation of young people is going to have to grow up faster than previous ones if they are going to save themselves.

It’s the young people who are going to pay the price for what liberal politicians are doing to us right now.  A staggering national debt, high unemployment, government spending running wild, and us slowly losing our status as the world’s economic and military superpower will certainly have dire consequences for us who are still alive in the decades ahead.

My advice to any young people who claim to be open-minded is to stop blindly following the feel-good policies of the left and take a hard look at what actions need to be taken now that will make your lives more secure, prosperous, and free in the future.


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