These People are Full of Crap and They Must be Silenced

Authors note:  I ran across a great article while researching for a previous post.  It reinforces something I’ve (and I’m sure a lot of you) have been saying for decades.  It has all the math we need to back us up, and is explained in an easy to understand manner.

            Way, way back during our first energy crisis in 1973, I heard someone spout off a comment about how the energy crisis was phony.  He said that was just a conspiracy by the oil companies to jack up oil prices.  He then added that “some guy” had invented a carburetor that would allow an automobile to get over 100 miles per gallon, but the oil companies had bought all the rights to its design and manufacture, and were purposely not ever going to release any of the information concerning it because it was not in their best interests to have cars that got good gas mileage.
            Even though I was in sixth grade at the time, I suspected he was full of crap.  Even at that age, I had heard enough about the Arabs that I found it hard to believe that they would jointly conspire with American oil companies in order to increase their profits.  What did OPEC care about the profits of American companies?  They just wanted to get as high a price as possible for their crude and maybe at the same time, try to influence the U.S. position on Israel.  I also understood that there was no way the cars back then could ever get anything near 100 mpg, no matter what type of magic carburetor you were to put on them.
             Even if “some guy” had invented some type of super mileage carburetor, there is no way that information about its design would not have leaked out to the public.  The guy who invented this phantom carburetor, or one of his buddies who knew what he was working on, would have certainly reneged on whatever “agreement” he had with the oil companies, started production, and fought it out in the courts later.
            It’s now forty years later and still no magic carburetor.  By now, one would think that any agreement with oil companies would have expired, some oil company employee would have stole the information and gone into the carburetor manufacturing business, or at least someone would have independently stumbled over a similar magic carburetor design.
            So why haven’t we seen this magic carburetor?  The reason, (to almost no one’s surprise) is that there never was such a thing and 95 percent of us knew it all along.  When one takes into account the number of btu’s in a gallon of gas and all of the real world conditions like wind resistance and mechanical efficiency, there is no way the story could have ever been true.
            What is surprising, is that to this day, whenever the subject of gas prices or fuel efficiency comes up, some buffoon comes up with the “some guy and the magic carburetor” story.  We all always knew that it was bullshit.  So here’s all the ammo you’ll need to shut down the next person that brings it up in your presence.


  1. I guess all that nasty "free Speech" only extends to people you agree with. You should become a Democrat you think like them.

    1. Oh, come on. You know I'm just having fun with this one. I bet that you even agree with me here. Don't you just hate it when someone repeats some wive's tale, urban legend, bull story, or whatever you want to call it, when you and 95% of the other people in the room all know it's bullshit. No one likes a bullshitter and you don't either. Someone can say something that you disagree with and that's fine. He has the right to his opinion, but when his source of information is "what some guy told him about some guy", that's pretty lame.

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    3. Well, Anonymous, either you never studied basic chemistry or you failed it. Either way you're an idiot.

  2. Lately, within the last 5 years, I have been hearing the one about the "Magic Solar Cell" that can derive enough energy from the Sun to power your home for days. Being something of a science fanatic I know how much stored energy there is in sunlight and try as I may to explain it just isn't possible these people still believe that we can magically produce a million times the energy that is in it just as they believed the "Magic Carburetor" could somehow find stored energy in gasoline that just doesn't exist in it.

    Personally I think this is all the product of a dumbed down populace that is easily fooled through propaganda since many don't have the necessary educational basis to understand simple science. And it doesn't matter if they have a BA or BS or even a Master's degree since many of those folks are fooled into believing they know far more than they actually do possess in knowledge.

    1. Hey Woody,

      Not only do they lack the ability to understand, most people are too lazy to research something for themselves. Once they hear what they want to hear, that's good enough.

      THE WIFE and I were having a discussion with her brother, who happens to be a die hard liberal. We brought up some facts to our position and he replied something along the lines of, "I can't believe that." Immediately THE WIFE challenged him to look it up. He replied, "No, no. That's OK."

      It's not exclusive to liberals, but they seems to enjoy hearing only their side of the story. Willful ignorance and just plain lazy drive me insane!

    2. The problem with solar technology isn't magic; it's batteries. The batteries we use today are no more efficient than batteries of 100 years ago. I don't have the link but you can do a web search for electric car test and enter a year between 1908 and 1912.

      The author reviewed the 30 day test that was done on a group of electric cars just before WWI. They drove on good roads and bad; over dry roads and mud; in sunny weather and wind and rain. The final verdict? The electric car batteries held a charge for a travel distance of about 100 miles. Which is no better than today's electric cars! As a matter of fact, it's worse. Today's cars are tested on a dyno and just run until the batteries give out; which is about 100 miles. The 100 year old test was actually done in real world driving conditions.

      If someone could come up with a battery that could store a week's or month's worth of electricity, solar power would be set. Be on the lookout for the story of how the power companies own the patents on a battery that holds a charge for a year.

    3. Hey Houston, agreed about those who have their preset notions based on current media stories and other hearsay. I have run into similar examples like yours where when you do the research and then try to show them they would rather stay in their own ignorance than have to change their position even if their position is based on nothing more than "something they heard".

      Hey John, I agree that for solar energy applications a major issue is batteries, but even with a perfect battery solar is still a limited energy source. Even if we could manage a 100% efficient conversion of the Solar Constant the amount of energy in each square centimeter of exposure to that energy from the Sun on all bandwidths is still too small to ever make it applicable for anything large scale and for cars it will only be applicable if you can have exchangeable batteries so that one is always being charged while you deplete the other because the time it would take to charge a battery would be lengthy to say the least. For fun once I did the calculation of exactly how big a current solar array would have to be to generate even 1 gigawatt of electricity and it turned out to be thousands of square miles. That was for 1 gigawatt while the average coal fired power plant generates from 3 - 5 gigawatts in a foot print of less than a square mile. So solar will always be a niche energy source for applications where access to the power grid is not easy or possible and the amount of energy needed is small.

  3. I was a Junior in high school when the oil crisis of 1973 hit. I heard so many stories about conspiracies I thought everyone was trying to be a fiction writer. And whenever I heard one, I always asked the same questions.

    By “rights to design and manufacture” you mean the patents, correct? Patents are public records. There are NO hidden patents or black patents that are kept from the public. Also, patents have an expiration date. As the patent holder, you get about 15-20 years of monopoly on your invention. After that, ANYONE can produce a copy and you have no legal recourse. So Mr. Conspiracy, in 20 years, we should be seeing 100 MPG carburetors on every car, right? RIGHT?!?!