The Most Important Thiing You Will Ever Do

The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do

            Imagine that you are treading water in the middle of the ocean.  You feel yourself becoming more and more exhausted, and you know the end is near.  Coincidently, I just happen to be cruising by in a boat.  I see you, pull up to within a few feet, and I…  offer you a sandwich.  You would probably curse me and my sandwich, even if you hadn’t eaten in days.  At that point, the only thing that would matter to you is getting on the boat.  Once on the boat however, the value of that sandwich would increase over one million fold.  Sometimes, the importance of things is determined solely by the situation that we are in.  A drowning man has no use for food, shelter, or all the riches in the world.
            These are the darkest days for our country in my memory.  We have reached a fork in the road, and choosing the wrong route, I fear will lead us to a terrible destination from which we can never return.  Right now, the Republicans control only the House of Representatives, and there is very little they can do except to try to slow the advance the left.  They are acting timid because many of them feel they’re in a precarious position.  They don’t want to risk losing reelection.  They are afraid of looking like obstructionists, and the mainstream media is going to do everything in their power to make them look bad.  I’d like you to slow down now, and read this next paragraph very carefully.  I do believe that it could be the most important thing I have ever written, or ever will write.
At this point, nothing else matters - not the issues being debated in Washington, not the stories in the news, not even the national debt.  If you believe in conservative principles, think this country is heading in a dangerous direction, and want to see it return to its former glory, you simply must convince others to actively support the conservative cause.  This will be the most important thing you have ever done, or ever will do.
Obama won the last election by about 51 to 47 percent in the popular vote, not a landslide by any means.  If things would have gone just right in four key swing states (New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia), Romney would have needed just 334,000 more votes to go his way to win the presidency.  It was that close.  Close obviously isn’t good enough, and now it seems that the left is running rampant, doing whatever they please.  They will continue to do so unless we get enough people in office to stop them, and if we want our people to act boldly, we must make sure that they win by large margins.  The 2014 elections will be here before you know it.  We must get people to vote for our candidates, and we must start now.  This will take time, and if we wait until campaign season, it will be too late.
You and others like you, hold the key to saving this country. People are more likely to be influenced by the opinion of someone they know and respect than any political ad, news story, or editorial comment.  You can speak directly to people you know, and focus on the issues that you know are important to them.  This will be more effective than any campaign contribution you could make, and won’t cost you a dime.  If each conservative would bring just one more person into the fold, we would virtually eliminate our competition.  If just a few percent of us converted just one person, we could take control of all three branches of government.  Think of how hard you work for what you have, and what you hope to have one day.  Think of what’s important to you and what you hold dear.  You could lose all of it if we lose our freedoms or our economy collapses.  Isn’t it worth talking to a friend and convincing him to join the fight on our side?  What are we going to tell the next generation if we fail to act – We were too busy?
 Too many of us are wasting our time and energy by focusing on particular issues, hoping our elected officials to vote a certain way on them.  There will always be important issues debated in Washington and our state capitals, but what really matters is not the issues themselves, but the outcomes.  The only way we can steer this country in the right direction is to get conservatives to have a majority in government, and the only way we can do that is to convince people we know to become true conservatives.  This will not only help get the candidates we favor elected, but if we can influence enough people, it will change a lot of those state and national public opinion poll numbers. This will have a positive effect on how our currently elected public officials will vote on particular issues.
We can promote particular candidates as elections draw near, and we can turn people into conservatives.  The second approach is the better of the two, because once you have convinced someone to join your side, they will most likely to vote for the conservative candidate in all elections.  You have a better chance of persuading a friend, family member, or coworker to become a conservative than you do getting a senator or congressman to vote your way on a particular issue.  If we all did this, we could have a government filled with representatives that had the courage to act in our best interests, and the issues would have the outcomes that we desire.  It would be like putting our government on autopilot.
In a way, we are lucky.  The opportunity to do what’s most important in one’s life passes most people by, without them even realizing it.  We know exactly what is most important and we know exactly what we have to do.  It’s relatively easy compared to other things you have already done, and costs you nothing.  Our success is all but guaranteed if we just act.  Years from now, we can each tell our grandchildren with pride how did our part to save this country, that we recognized what needed to be done and took action to make sure that it was accomplished.
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