Social Problems - Part 4 The Cause of the Cause

Social Problems – Part 4
The Cause of the Cause
Maybe we should skip the whole debate on allowing abortion and focus on why the number of abortions performed each year is as large as it is.  If we could figure out the answer to this problem, we might be able to bring the need for abortions down to such a small number that it wouldn’t even be on anyone’s radar screen.
What is the cause of so many women being placed into the position where they even need to consider having an abortion?  That’s a stupid question.  We all know the cause.  A better question would be, “What is the cause of the cause?”
I am going to suggest that liberal ideas and policies are at least partially to blame, knowing full well that the reaction of many people will be that I am a knee-jerk reactionary type that will blame anything and everything on liberals.  If you haven’t done so already, now would be a good time to read my earlier “Barbecue Grill” post.
The problem I have with so many liberal ideas and policies is that they often create or aggravate problems and later, the people that were pushing those ideas are the same ones that expect the rest of us to pay for “solutions” to these problems.  Throwing money at problems is not always the answer and often makes things worse.  Whenever you subsidize anything, you get more of it, whether it’s corn, ethanol, solar power companies, poor people, single mothers, or abortions.


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