Boy, That was quick!

Thanks Irish, and all the other people who helped me out so quickly! In less than a day, I had the answer to a question that had been haunting me for almost fifty years. Willy Kanos, wild Rivr Ranger, and anonymous were correct. Thanks again, everyone! 

P.S. Does anyone know anything about old photos printed on glass? Was that a common thing back then? I know that photo negatives were glass in the old days.

Mystery solved:  Location is: Canyon de Chelley on the Navaho Reservation New Mexico.
 Thanks Wild River Ranger!!!

Almost a perfect match!
...and in COLOR!

Can You Help Solve a Fifty Year Old Family Mystery?

What is this? 
and more importantly, 
Exactly, where was this picture taken?

My grandparents passed away in the 1990's, and my father received this when his brother, sister, and he were dividing up some family heirlooms.  A few years later, he gave it to me.

I don't know anything about it, other than my grandfather had it at least as long as I have been alive.

It is a photo printed on glass.  It's huge, about 2' wide x 3' tall.  I assume it was taken in the late 1800's because in the actual picture, you can see a horse drawn wagon and a couple of men dressed in clothes from that era.  Plus, it just looks like a picture from that time period.  It appears to have been taken at the Grand Canyon or some place with similar geology.

If anyone knows anything about this picture, particularly it's exact location, please leave a comment.  I don't travel much, but I am going to visit that area very soon.  It would be pretty cool to visit and see in person, a location that I have wondered about for almost half a century.